Part One of our Maldives Diary - arriving at Velassaru

The Maldives. Faraway paradise, reservered for honeymooners, vowel renewers, anniversary celebraters, wife cheaters and other people that come in couples. A place so exclusive that a trip there can only be afforded once in a lifetime and will forever be the pride of your family photo album. Whatever you might think about the Maldives, some of it is pr[...]

W is for Wonderful: Staying at W Barcelona

Isn't it nice when your expectations are exceeded? No. It’s not nice. It’s Wonderful. Wonderful with a capital W for W Hotels. Such was the case from the moment I checked in at W Barcelona until the second I left begrudgingly pulling my case behind me through a lobby decorated with reflective disco ball style walls. This was my first experience of W Hotel[...]

Best of Switzerland: The Cervo in Zermatt

Among insiders the small village of Zermatt in Switzerland has long been one of the top destinations for a picture-perfect winter holiday. Nestled into a group of surrounding mountains, one of which being the infamous Matterhorn, Zermatt is home to around 6000 inhabitants, attracting thousands of visitors each year looking for relaxation, sports and fun. Goi[...]

Snow, Spa and Sanity in Adelboden, Switzerland

Imagine you're on a road trip through Switzerland. It's constantly snowing (good) but the roads you're driving on are often slippery (bad). You're with a friend (good) but your GPS is playing tricks on you, you spend much longer on the (slippery) road than you are meant to and you're starving (bad). In your ideal case scenario you then arrive at a beautiful [...]

The Penz - staying classy in Innsbruck

We had never really seen much of Austria, apart from sporadic weekend trips to Vienna and so we were quite happy when earlier this year we got the chance to spend some time to Innsbruck, Austria earlier this year to attend the Travel Bloggers United (TBU) conference. We knew the trip would be all the better when we were invited by Innsbruck's nicest hotel Th[...]

The Sarojin - a place you can only imagine

"If you can imagine it, we can make it happen", says Justin and pours us another glass of prosecco as we watch the sunset above the Andaman sea. The entire scenery is completely unreal. Here we are, Bea and I, sitting at a beautiful private beach on gorgeous design beach chairs, set up for us especially to enjoy the sun hit the ocean while the sky turns oran[...]

Sleeping in tubes - recycled hotels

With fancy and expensive design hotels popping up all across the world, it's nice to hear that every now and then, there is a hotel that has the unique appearance of a design hotel but really is sustainable and based on a simple idea. This is what happened in Mexico, when the architects behind T3arc got together and came up with the idea of using old concret[...]

Hüttenpalast, Berlin - Indoor Camping at Hut Palace

“When you travel you’ll always find extraordinary things. But this one is unique”. Philippe smiles. His buddy Alexander nods. The two Belgians are sitting in “their” caravan inside an old vacuum-cleaner factory. Yes, that’s correct. At the “Hüttenpalast” (German for Palace of Huts), the new star on Berlin’s budget-hotel skies, combining a perfect marriage of[...]

Feel like a popstar at Hotel Pelirocco, Brighton

You may have noticed that the Travelettes love themselves the odd night out at a great hotel or hostel. So before leaving on my road trip through England, I looked through my options for accomodation in Brighton and came across a place that is a little more than unusual. So on the first night of our trip, we stayed at the Hotel Pelirocco, a saucy stopover ri[...]

10 hip hostels around the world

The days when the word "hostel" made you think about travel bums cramped up in tiny bunk beds with dirty showers, are over. This is the age of the travelette, where backpacking in heels is no longer an oxymoron, and the hostels are hip and fresh. Nowadays the gap between these low budget accomodations and certain boutique hotels can be very slim, providing y[...]

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