See the Amalfi Coast: A Short Story

Anybody who doesn't believe travel changes you - mostly and hopefully for the better - is probably reading the wrong website. I know that travel changes you. I think you do too. Here's one interesting way that travel changed me. Back in 1999, a family holiday to Naples, Italy, when I was an often moody, always day-dreaming seventeen year old changed th[...]

Win a photo book with Travelettes and Kodak

Are you usually last minute about Christmas gifts like I am? Do you also always make a new plan each year to be better about it in the future? Good thing that this year was the grand exception as I was invited to test the Kodak photo book software (which you can freely download here) which allowed me to assemble some of my favorite travel photos of trips [...]

The Travelettes Book Launch Party in Berlin

After 6 months of writing, editing and then editing some more, we were so happy and proud to finally be able to celebrate the launch of our new book "In High Heels um die Welt" with all our friends at Sing Blackbird in Berlin last night. This was a time to have a drink or two (thanks Veltins, Held Vodka and Fountain of Youth for providing them!), chat about [...]

Must-read for the summer - the Travelettes book!

Attention! Attention! We have an announcement to make! (insert drum roll) We are over the moon and very happy to let you know that we wrote a book: In High Heels um die Welt. It's called "In High Heels um die Welt" which is German for Around the world in high heels. The Travelettes and a few of their girlfriends have assembled 33 of their funniest, cr[...]

Don't tell mum - E-mails from 1st time travellers

The e-mail home is an essential part of every traveller's journey, as when intrepid teenagagers or first time travellers set off to explore deepest darkest Peru it can be a nail-biting time for worried parents. I was recently gifted a hilarious book called Don't Tell Mum: Hair-Raising Messages Home From Gap-Year Travellers. It's a collection of anecdotal [...]

Me and my Kindle

I'm a self confessed book geek and on a good day by the pool I can read 2 or 3 books in a go. Not only does this become an expensive habit to keep me amused when topping up my tan, it also means I sometimes have to sacrifice packing a dress or two in order to make room for my holiday library. That's why I'm very happy to have my Kindle accompanying me this[...]

Louis Vuitton city guide

Are you still wondering what you should give your (girl)friend who has everything? The books from Luis Vuitton could be a cute Christmas gift for fellow globetrotters who like to travel in style, or at least dream about traveling with some luxury! These guides will give you an overview over luxury hotels, charming guesthouses, shopping, art galleries, hip ni[...]

A chance to win a South East Asia travel guide

Hey ladies, as I told you before, I spent last week traveling through 4 German cities presenting some of my photos of Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam as part of an info evening on those countries organized by STA TRAVEL. The turnout was pretty great and lots of questions were asked, mostly evolving around visa issues, cost, transportation, food or possi[...]

Film tip - Eat Pray Love

Dear travelettes, If you can't afford a trip around the world, you can either read Katjas post on how to save money for traveling or you can accompany Julia Roberts on hers! Currently out at the cinemas, "Eat, Pray, Love" follows a true story about a woman, who after her divorce decides to go on a trip to Italy, India and Indonesia to take a holiday from [...]

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