9 Books to Read Before Going to Ecuador & Galapagos

For me, there is little in life I like better than travel, but books come damn close. If you combine the two the world becomes your oyster. How wonderful is it to escape to faraway countries, meet foreign people, and walk paths you have never walked before? Whether in reality or through a story? I don't think I am the only one because otherwise books like[...]

Our 6 favorite indie travel magazines

I love the internet, its unpredictability, its seemingly inexhaustible wealth of ideas, new talent - and weirdness. But sometimes, just sometimes, I love myself a good old physical magazine that filters out some of the best bits of it. There's nothing like a good indie magazine with its thick pages, bold narratives and beautifully designed pages. So witho[...]

Flaming Iguanas: Finding a Road-Conquering Role Model

I can’t quite remember how I stumbled upon Erika Lopez’s Flaming Iguanas in the first place. I must have typed something like "road novels written by awesome hardass women" into Google, and seen it pop up first thing on the results page. Now, there don't seem to be that many classic road novels out there that haven't been committed by a male. And don[...]

The Travelettes Winter Reading List

Winter is an ideal time to get your reading that bit deeper, that bit more philosophical, that bit different. Winter is a great time to dig into genres that you normally won’t even consider, the sections in book stores that you would skip on a happy summer day. And on a completely different note, hiding in books is also a useful method to beat the post-Chr[...]

5 books to read before you hit the roads of North America

Immense, home of dramatic landscapes, infused with car culture and equipped with an extensive network of highways, America is a country made for road-trips if there ever was one. Its infinite stretches of straight roads have inspired countless young folks to jump behind the wheel, hold out their thumb or hop on a freight train in search of freedom, meaning..[...]

12 cities in 12 months - no need to be a millionaire

Last year my mother gave me a book for Christmas that I took, despite moving back and forth between continents, always with me, because I liked it too much to not stuff in the last corner of my backpack. It is called 'Das große Los', which I think can be adequately translated either as 'the winning ticket' or 'the big chance' by German journalist Meike Winn[...]

The photos of London that inspired a book

I published my second book, London Eyes, this month and some of you are already reading it. It's hard to explain how that feels. The best description I can come up with is that it's like somebody going through a drawer full of your best underwear. While it feels very personal and invasive, you're also quite proud of your fine silk undies so you don't ac[...]

Travelettes Reading List for Summer 2014

Hello book-loving friends! That's all of you, right? So I asked my fellow Travelettes to recommend some books for a summer reading list and here are the results, some beautiful wanderlust-inducing reads about places, people and the power of travel. Please feel free to add any of the books you've loved recently in the comments and I will add them [...]

5 Great Airport Reads

It’s 6 a.m. I’m elegantly gracing the sticky floor of Stansted Airport while waiting for a delayed flight and I’m praying hard that recently introduced ‘revolutionary’ changes to certain low-cost Irish airline will keep people from rubbing charity scratch cards or that bargain of a £5.99 coke into my face. Good morning. I’m Caroline, not quite [...]

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