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All you need to know about English Breakfast

When I moved to England roughly two years ago, I thought I had it all figured out. I'd tasted English breakfast (or what I presumed to be a traditional English breakfast) on a family holiday to an all-inclusive resort in Turkey, and to be honest, I wasn't very impressed. So, during my first months of living in the UK, I stayed away from the "Full English". F[...]

Poppies: The Place to Eat Fish and Chips in London

As you probably have heard, the UK is well known for its dish fish and chips and there are hundred of restaurants, pubs and corner shops offering this. Finding the perfect fish and chips turned out to be quite a challenge, but after a while I luckily found my favourite place, a restaurant called 'Poppies' situated in the East End, just around the corner from[...]

Artistic street rebellions

A revolution has been taking place on our streets and we might not even have realised. Artists have long been reclaiming public spaces as open forums to showcase their art but this new rebellion is taking street art to the next level - to the street level. . An underground guerrilla gardening project has been taking over London over the past few mont[...]

Boxpark London - Shopping in Containers

What do you associate with ship containers? Probably you think about storing, shipping and transporting goods, right? I had the same thought UNTIL I heard about the Boxpark Project – the first pop-up mall in the world, which is constructed by ship containers. Yes,  walk-in containers with fancy lifestyle brands, cosy café’s and snack bars, all sized ‘down’ t[...]

The Warehouse Project - England's finest clubbing experience

Don't get me wrong... I like London, I really do. I just think that sometimes, it gets hyped a bit too much. There, I said it. There are so many other cities in England that pass underneath the radar of young travelers, just because all we tend to hear is how amazing our friends' weekend getaway to the British capital was. Manchester is one of the citi[...]

Critical Mass - Worldwide Social Biking Event

When my friend asked me if I would like to join 'Critical Maths' where a bunch of 'psychists' (probably a fancy English word for psychologists?) meet every last friday evening of the month, I was skeptical. What would I do there? I haven't had any proper math classes since my graduation and frankly, I could think of better ways to spend my Friday evening. A [...]

Ladies for a weekend – a visit to London

The light shines golden through the high Edwardian windows. Outside, I watch business men rushing home, girls carrying bags full of brand new clothes, exhausted from a day's worth of shopping, tourists carefully crossing the street, confused by the unfamiliar left-hand driving. It’s the typical chaotic London rush hour scenario. Happening right in fro[...]

The Streets Of England Are The New Bookstores

Imagine wandering the streets of your home city in England. Care-free, arms swinging, breezy cool autumn air on your cheeks as you meander through your local park/bus station/coffee shop/museum. And you come across a book. Alone and just sitting there. No owner sipping coffee, taking a break from the book they put down, no reader knelt beside it tying [...]

Surfing in England - Lessons from a Pro

There’s nothing like paddling out in the salty seawater, knowing that you can leave all your daily stress behind. Your mind is focused on one thing only: riding down the perfect wave. All the fear, exhaustion and tiredness that you have felt suddenly turns into energy, strength and motivation, welcoming you to life - the life. Summer is over and so is su[...]

London Borough Market - Brownies, Smoothies and Jamie Oliver

Saturday morning, 8am: Whenever tingly rays of sun are shining through my window on a lovely saturday morning in London, I always know exactly how and where I will be spending my day. With friends, eating delicious food, strolling around and watching the world go by in one special place -  London Borough Market. While Nottingham Hill, Sunday Bricklane[...]

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