24 hours in Soho with W London

London is this huge boiling pot of cultures that is centuries old and iconic all around the world. It’s a huge maze of a place that is constantly buzzing with life and things to do/see/eat, so sometimes a trip there can be quite intimidating. I mean, where do you start?? All the different boroughs have different things to offer to a tourist, but if you wish[...]

A Travelettes Guide to Knightsbridge

The borough of London that is Knightsbridge is so insanely beautiful, rich and boutique that I felt it had to be a Travelettes Posh Guide, rather than the usual Travelettes Guide. The amount of unique boutiques, incredibly designed shop windows, delectable foods and houses that will have you yearning to be a millionaire is what gives Knightsbridge the nickna[...]

The Most Haunted Places in London

The clocks have gone back an hour over here in Great Britain, just in time for creepy ole’ Halloween to creep in and help us celebrate our new-found dark evenings. This time of year guarantees to be spooky as autumn ushers in the darkness and the monsters come out to play - it sure is a fun time to be alive! (Sorry zombies.) Have you got your costume sort[...]

The photos of London that inspired a book

I published my second book, London Eyes, this month and some of you are already reading it. It's hard to explain how that feels. The best description I can come up with is that it's like somebody going through a drawer full of your best underwear. While it feels very personal and invasive, you're also quite proud of your fine silk undies so you don't ac[...]

Laters London: A break-up letter

Leaving London and getting on yet another long haul flight with all my belongings (a grand total of two suitcases, ehem) feels a bit like ending a long, exhausting and beautiful relationship. Ever wondered how you can feel that way about a city? Read my break-up letter to Europe’s most gorgeous pearl. (I dropped a few cool location tips for you which wil[...]

An appointment with London's best hairdresser

Ladies, I have serious business to discuss with you. An issue so important I'm sure many of you have spent hours and days thinking and worrying about it, I am talking about: our hair. Should we wear it long? Short? Curly? Blonde? Pink? Go with fashion or stick to the same do we've had since we were teenagers? The question is not to be taken lightly as hair c[...]

Liberty: The Shopping Emporium of London

When it comes to large, established department stores, Harrods seems to always be the tourist fixation when visiting London… but think of Liberty when you want to get less mainstream and more eclectic. Sure, both of these places are incredulously expensive but sometimes, when a girl has to window shop, she might as well do it at the most exclusive and worldl[...]

14 ways to have fun in London for free

They say the best things in life are free. And I can confirm that they generally are. Take, for instance, hugs, big killer whales called Willy and my advice, dear Travelettes. But what about in London? Can there really be such a thing as a free lunch in the city economics brainiacs have named and shamed as one of the most expensive cities in Europe? Well, ac[...]

Top 10 Hangouts in East London

It's no big shocker to proclaim that London is amongst the world's coolest cities. It's vibrant, always happening and, apart from some hangups involving expensive rent, a pretty great place to live. I can confirm that first hand, as London was once my home and every time I go back to visit I am reminded of why people like it as much as they do. London is a h[...]

I heart Camden Town

There is always something happening in Camden. One of my hands down, favorite locations to shop, wander and people-watch; the centre of the alternative fashion scene is a wonderland of fascinating sights, smells and sounds. Hop on the underground’s northern line to step through the looking glass into one of London’s most diverse shopping locations and pick u[...]

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