Top 10 Places to Surf in Winter

It’s time to trade in that heavy winter coat and those miserable days spent hibernating inside for a neoprene onesie and a trip to the beach. Who says surfing needs to be reserved exclusively for summer? Why not make the most of the ocean 365 days a year? Some of the best swells occur during the colder seasons, and these great conditions aren’t the only [...]

Learn to surf with Planet Surf Camp, Fuerteventura

Hands up who can surf? If you’ve raised your hand then you will probably find this story of true novices an entertaining read. For those who are well-experienced with this physically intense and incredible balancing act of surfing, try remember back to your true beginner stages where you encountered more waves on your head and in your face, rather than und[...]

The Battle of the Balearic Islands: Which island to choose and why?

In the battle of the Balearic Islands, Ibiza often overshadows Formentera, Mallorca, and Menorca, but the latter three can more than hold their own against the White Isle - especially when it comes to activities and architecture. Of course, if you like your holidays to come with a super club vibe, one may measure up a bit better than the other, but each[...]

11 Things to do in Barcelona for free

They say there's no such thing as a free lunch – I say they’re wrong! I am notoriously useless when it comes to organising my finances. I have such respect for those people who work hard, like the ants in Aesop’s fable, storing their grains away until suddenly, POW! They’ve bought their dream house with a white picket fence. Unfortunately, I am more[...]

Hostels We Love: Room007 in Madrid

If I had to choose my favourite city for an indulging city break, Madrid would probably rank on top of that list. I've only been there once, and just for a short time, but there is something about the Spanish capital that convinced me of its awesomeness in basically no time. It's the stunning architecture on the way into town (I love the Torres Blancas and w[...]

Street art and graffiti on Barcelona's shutter doors

Siestas! Yet another reason the beautiful city of Barcelona is our kinda town. After a sangria-soaked, leisurely luncheon, what better way to prep yourself for your evening shenanigans than a nice, long snooze? Venture out for a ramble around Las Ramblas, exploring the twisty lanes that make up the Barrio Gotico, La Ribera/El Borne and El Raval barrios durin[...]

Barcelona, as you've never seen it before

I've been following @nicnorgacia for nearly two years and every time I see a photo of his on Instagram I think, I must share his amazing photos with the Travelettes readers. So finally that's what I'm doing. Hey, you can't say I'm not diligent at keeping my promises. I'm just not very prompt at doing so. Here are five reasons why I love Mr Nica[...]

The Travelettes guide to Barcelona's barrios

There are a few good reasons why I view Barcelona through heart-shaped glasses. For starters, the inspiring architecture, and romantic balconies mean this city’s first impressions are pretty darn fine. I’m also a sucker for the shady squares filled with countless bars and restaurants that charm you into lingering afternoons of cava-sipping. The outdoor m[...]

Making your dream come true, one food cart a time

Spain’s economy isn’t exactly thriving at the moment. In fact, its unemployment rate for under 25 year-old's is at a staggering 54% (!) (the overall employment rate lying at 25%) which beats most other European countries. So that’s not a very tempting climate to take risks and turn your biggest passion into a job, right? Except that, for Silvia Cab[...]

Introduction to Madrid

Until recently, I had never been to Spain. Whenever talking to someone about Spain,  I heard about the stunning architecture of Barcelona, the thrilling bull race of Pamplona, the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, the volcanic Canary Islands or the party nights on Mallorca and Ibiza. But hardly anybody ever mentions Madrid. Even though it is the Spanish[...]

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