Making your dream come true, one food cart a time

Spain’s economy isn’t exactly thriving at the moment. In fact, its unemployment rate for under 25 year-old's is at a staggering 54% (!) (the overall employment rate lying at 25%) which beats most other European countries. So that’s not a very tempting climate to take risks and turn your biggest passion into a job, right? Except that, for Silvia Cabra, it[...]

Barcelona: The Perfect Weekend Getaway

Romantic streets, perfect wine, intricate alley-ways, delicious ice cream, stunning gothic architecture, ridiculously fabulous food… have I got your attention? Good. The sun has recently peeped out for us in the UK, and it has given us the taste of summer’s excitement… and we want more. I’ve been hearing many friends begin planning European getaways and wher[...]

The inside scoop on Barcelona

As a seasoned traveller often great museums and tasty food as recommended by my guidebook no longer cut it. What I am looking out for is authentic experiences to allow me to see a country through the eyes of a local so I can leave with a greater understanding and appreciation for the place I’ve called home for a few hours, days or weeks. On a recent trip [...]

W is for Wonderful: Staying at W Barcelona

Isn't it nice when your expectations are exceeded? No. It’s not nice. It’s Wonderful. Wonderful with a capital W for W Hotels. Such was the case from the moment I checked in at W Barcelona until the second I left begrudgingly pulling my case behind me through a lobby decorated with reflective disco ball style walls. This was my first experience of W Hotel[...]

Barcelona, You Stole My Heart ... and My Wallet.

Oh Barcelona! A Travelette likes nothing more than to travel and what a better birthday gift to myself than the chance to meet you in person? You'd be my first introduction to Spain and as I boarded the plane, my heart skipped a few beats. Yes, I was nervous. A girl who prefers Eastern European destinations, I wondered if I'd love you as much as everyone tol[...]

Mojito lovin'

Mojitos are good. And I already told you about my personal favourite Mojito bar in Barcelona. But: I recently came across a very cool tumblr blog which judges Mojitos all around that wonderful city. Mojitos en Barcelona contuinously adds more and more bars and their Mojitos, including a five star rating system, the price and address. Salut! If you[...]

Road Trip through Spain part 1: Sitges

Dear Travelettes, I recently discovered that there are two kinds of people to travel with. There’s the über-organized traveller that plans, books and arranges everything in advance, never fails to read the map correctly and leads you to super-secret locations that even the locals don’t know. And then there are the people who will always miss their flight,[...]

Skipping town: Barcelona

There are few negative aspects to summer in Berlin;  yet one that definitely can’t be ignored is the amount of tourists swarming the city, taking over the streets, parks, restaurants, clubs and even my favourite street corner café. With friends on holidays and a grim-looking weather forecast for the upcoming week, I was easily convinced to join my friends fo[...]

Restaurants we like: Orgasmic (Barcelona)

When I first passed by this place after an extensive stroll down La Rambla, it wasn't just the provocative name that caught my eye (I swear!). The half-glass, half-chalk board storefront, colorfully decorated and announcing (very) cheap prices for freshly prepared organic dishes was enough to cause my little treehugger heart to skip a beat. My friends[...]

Vika - the metropolitan explorer

It feels weird being back in Barcelona after not beeing here for over 2 years. But once I had come to grips with how much I had missed this city, I also started realizing, once again, how travelling really is the best way to meet interesting people - and in Barcelona, that's a given. At the hostel I stayed at, I shared a room with Viktoriya, 26 from Moscow, [...]

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