Travelettes Guide to Snowboarding in Hafjell, Norway

Snowboarding in Norway is good. No, really it is. I never thought I'd type that sentence after ten years snowboarding in the Alps and only in the Alps, but yes, snowboarding in Norway is good. Now I know what you're thinking, you don't believe me, so allow me to answer some of your questions. Where did you go? We spent five days in Haf[...]

24 hours in Oslo

Hemmed by kilometers of woodland and a fjord (which actually isn’t a fjord, but is pretty anyway), Norway’s capital is an easy-going city with the perfect size for exploring on foot. We were here for just a stopover after our stunning trip to Hemsedal, with just one day left before our plane would take us back home. Even though it was freezing cold back [...]

5 reasons to go to Hemsedal, Norway

When picking the right place to spend a ski holiday we are faced with a ton of options. It's a bit like picking a place with a nice beach - just sun and the ocean is not enough, we also want a great hotel, vibrant nightlife and ideally a couple of cultural options. With the ski holiday that is not much different. Finding snow and ski pistes is not the diffic[...]

The Travelettes Guide to Alesund, Norway

Imagine colorful and ornamented Art Nouvou bulidings framed by a postcard scenery of mountains and fjords. My hometown, Alesund, has been voted the most beautiful town in Norway, and not without reason. Its beauty is widely recognized (I'm not just saying this because I'm from there), even The Times are big fans. Located on the Norwegian west coast, it's jus[...]

Dogsledding in Hemsedal, Norway

Norway and I have a somewhat difficult past. About a year or 2 ago I had a flight booked to Oslo at 8am but coming home drunk at 5am I never made it to the airport in time. Then, a year later, I was given the opportunity to visit on three different occasions within a matter of just a couple of months but never managed to squeeze it into my busy calendar. So [...]

A poor (wo)man's connoisseur guide to Oslo

"Does this city of 560,000 inhabitants have enough to offer a visitor? Does it really have to be so pricey? The answer is YES. And NO, not really. But when you take into consideration its fine dining and blissful boozing, its scenic splendors, its potent underground culture and, in particular, its booming live music scene, Oslo is a life-lover's Garden of Ed[...]

We could be heroes - Tales of Telemark

Rjukan is a Norwegian town where the sun is never seen during winter time. It's situated in the narrow valley of Vestfjord, surrounded by the Southern gateway to Hardangervidda, and by the foot of a majestic mountain: Gaustatoppen.  This stunning setting is also the reason why the nearly 3300 inhabitants of Rjukan don't even get a glimpse of a sunbeam durin[...]

Where People Climb Mountains to See the Sun

Berlin was cold, grey and rainy this morning when I had to get up early. Well, at least in my world it was early. 7 am. EARLY. 6 hours later I was in a different world. I've never been to Norway before. And I still don't know much about it. But I fell in love almost instantly. We drove through the countryside barely seeing any other car. Cesilie from Visi[...]

Øyafestivalen 2011 - a green music festival

Last year, BBC asked: "Is this the greenest music festival ever?" This year, I went there to have a look for myself, uniting two of my main interests: music and the environment. My first pleasant surprise came when a girl in an electric car pulled over saying; "Hei, are you going to Øyafestivalen? I'm here to give you an environmental friendly ride for fr[...]

Dear Norway... - what comes after terror

Beautiful mountains, fjords and tiny islands out in the open sea. Those are the pictures we are used to see of my dear Norway. A few days ago, before the bombing in Oslo and the shooting at Utoya last Friday, I never expected my homeland to be the center of attention as a result of terror. As the Norwegian author Jo Nesbo put it in his article The Past is a [...]

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