A Local's Guide to a Perfect Day in Oslo with Siv Jakobsen

No one knows a city better than its locals. We asked musician Siv Jakobsen - who just released her debut album The Nordic Mellow - to share with us her favorite places in Oslo.  Oslo is one of my favorite cities in the world. It is perhaps my favorite city, as I was born in it, and have since been living in a suburb of it. After taking a 5 year stint[...]

12 hours in Oslo

Norway has this thing where the countryside is so beautiful that you almost want to get out of its cities as soon as possible. Except that Norwegian cities are also pretty stunning. So what do you when your plane landed, that backpack is ready for serious action and you still want to sip some coffee in the coolest part (Grünerlokka!) of Oslo? Well, you s[...]

24 hours in Oslo

Hemmed by kilometers of woodland and a fjord (which actually isn’t a fjord, but is pretty anyway), Norway’s capital is an easy-going city with the perfect size for exploring on foot. We were here for just a stopover after our stunning trip to Hemsedal, with just one day left before our plane would take us back home. Even though it was freezing cold back [...]

A poor (wo)man's connoisseur guide to Oslo

"Does this city of 560,000 inhabitants have enough to offer a visitor? Does it really have to be so pricey? The answer is YES. And NO, not really. But when you take into consideration its fine dining and blissful boozing, its scenic splendors, its potent underground culture and, in particular, its booming live music scene, Oslo is a life-lover's Garden of Ed[...]

Øyafestivalen 2011 - a green music festival

Last year, BBC asked: "Is this the greenest music festival ever?" This year, I went there to have a look for myself, uniting two of my main interests: music and the environment. My first pleasant surprise came when a girl in an electric car pulled over saying; "Hei, are you going to Øyafestivalen? I'm here to give you an environmental friendly ride for fr[...]

A Must Do In Oslo: The Sunday Market

Last week I went to Norway to visit friends and family, and decided that this time I was going to do some touristy stuff as well. One of the main things on my to-do-list when I visit a city is to go to thrift stores and flea markets, and Oslo was no exception. Instead of the standard souvenirs I love to find unique local, possibly weird and cheap treasures. [...]

The Best Coffee Shops in Olso

When thinking about Oslo, the first thing that pops into your mind probably isn't coffee. But actually, Oslo is a coffee capital, and according to coffee connoisseurs it is one of the cities in the world with the most high quality coffee bars. Every year coffee lovers come to Oslo as "coffee tourists" to learn about the Norwegian coffee culture.  You might [...]

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