The Travelettes Guide to Amsterdam

Romantic canals, tulips wherever you look and dubious entertainment that somehow is perfectly legal - Amsterdam is the kind of city that doesn't need a long introduction. Or does it? When I paid a quick visit to Amsterdam earlier in March, to see Travelette Frankie's new flat (and her baby bump) I was in not much of a mood for exploring - four days of networ[...]

16 Dutch Foods You Must Try

Before we get started on the different Dutch foods you have to try during a visit to my adopted country of the Netherlands, I would like to ask you to undertake a little exercise. Raise your right hand to the side of your neck, keep it upright and flat as if you're about to karate chop into your collarbone. Then wave it around a bit by your ear and say the w[...]

21 More Reasons to Love Rotterdam

Last year I wrote an article called 21 Reasons to Love Rotterdam. It went a little bit viral, with nearly 4000 shares, 40+ comments, several emails and an invitation from a Rotterdam company asking me to speak at one of their conferences. As a young(ish) British woman living in Amsterdam, but loving Rotterdam from afar, it was a strange experience, b[...]

Hotels We Love: Suitehotel Pincoffs in Rotterdam

Not many old buildings still stand in the centre of Rotterdam, a city all but flattened by the Second World War, but there are a few. What is spooky is that the ones that remained, standing tall above the rubble, were arguably the most important buildings; the post office and St Lawrence Church in the centre of the city, and over by the water, the port's[...]

21 Reasons to Love Rotterdam

I've come to learn from my time living  in Amsterdam that there are a few unwritten rules you must follow: 1. Speak English better than any native speaker. 2. Run over at least three tourists a year on your bike. 3. Hate Rotterdam. Well, unfortunately these are three rules I'm almost instantly going to fail at (apart from maybe no. 2, I'm on[...]

Travelettes at North Sea Jazz Festival

I love the Netherlands. I love jazz music. And I love festivals, though preferably the mud-free kind. I did something about all of the above by attending the North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam last month. With the likes of Sting, Bobby Womack, The Roots and Dionne Warwick topping the bill, I had high expectations from the three day festival that takes [...]

Sailing to Continental Europe in Style

There's an episode of Sex and the City in which Carrie and Samantha decide to cross the USA by train for Carrie's book signing in San Francisco. Before they leave they discuss at length how glamorous it will be, how indulgent and vintage inspired. They may even squeal a bit, I can't remember. They arrive at Central Station in smart travel outfits, weighed [...]

The Handbag Museum in Amsterdam - Interview with Sigrid Ivo

The unofficial Queen of handbags is not a celebrity, nor is she a fashion designer or a stylist to the stars. She is a wonderfully warm, understatedly stylish and well, "normal" Dutch woman, who just happens to be in charge of the world's largest collection of handbags and purses. Her name is Sigrid Ivo and she is the Curator of the Tassenmuseum Hendrijke Mu[...]

Experiencing Amsterdam like a Local

For the last three months the Dutch capital city of Amsterdam has been my home. During this time I've mastered the cycling lanes, navigated my way around the canals and developed quite a taste for Bitterballen. The best part about living here has enabled me to explore and experience one of my favourite European cities like a local. I'd now like to share my t[...]

Gartine - A Very British High Tea in Amsterdam

There are a number of British stereotypes that this British Travelette lives up to; a deep appreciation for an orderly queue, an innate desire to talk (i.e. moan) about the weather at any given opportunity and a never fading love for a "nice cup of tea". No matter where I go in the world I can't seem to shake off my love for tea. In fact, travelling has h[...]

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