20 Awesome Travel Tips for Rome

I can imagine being in a relationship with me can't always be easy - I'm the girl who always travels. Even though I'm doing a full-time PhD and have several part-time work commitments, I'm gone all the time. Sometimes just for a weekend, on other occasions 2-4 weeks at a go. I'm constantly dreaming of faraway places, and no vision of moving abroad or simply[...]

The Travelettes Quick Guide to Rome

The last time I was in Rome I was a completely different person. I was freshly graduated from high school and - by virtue of my young age - going to Europe sans parents meant one thing to me: drinking. Sure, I had read the history of the Eternal City and was excited to see the Colosseum but I remember being on that flight to Italy and circling nightclubs i[...]

Travelettes Christmas Calendar Day 12: G-Rough in Rome, Italy

A €400 voucher for Red Rooster goes to Inès! Congratulations! We are already half-way through our Christmas Calendar and time is flying! One more reason not to miss a chance to win one of our amazing daily give-aways. And today, here’s what we have to offer to a lucky reader: Two nights for two at the amazing G-Rough design hotel in Italy! Now, who w[...]

Trastevere: The beating heart of Rome

Inspired by Alex' recent post about Rome, I would like to tell you about another side of the Eternal City. It is equally beautiful as the rest of the city, and deserves to be seen as much as the Colosseum and the Pantheon do: The neighborhood of Trastevere. The name derives from the Latin words trans Tiberim, meaning "beyond the Tiber". While most of [...]

To Rome with love

Once upon a time, in the days of gladiators, emperors and a legendary empire that looked as if it would bow down  to nobody, the city of Rome was known as the all powerful capital of the world. These days thankfully, the city has softened, its formidable face replaced with a reputation as one of the top contenders for a beautiful European city break. But in[...]

Rome - a Mecca for Writers

“Finally I have arrived in the capital of the world.“ This is what Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said when wandering the crowded streets of Rome for the first time in 1786. He was mesmerized by the variety of palaces and ruins, gardens and wilderness, arches and pillars – all united in one city. And Goethe wasn't the only one. Especially in the 18t[...]

Vika - the metropolitan explorer

It feels weird being back in Barcelona after not beeing here for over 2 years. But once I had come to grips with how much I had missed this city, I also started realizing, once again, how travelling really is the best way to meet interesting people - and in Barcelona, that's a given. At the hostel I stayed at, I shared a room with Viktoriya, 26 from Moscow, [...]

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