3 Lessons from visiting Iceland in Winter - A Reality Check

In the last few years Iceland has become an increasingly popular destination. It has made it to the top of many people’s bucket lists, also to mine. Personally, I believe social media has contributed a lot to that hype. Being confronted with all those beautiful pictures of amazing landscapes proves to be a very effective advertisement.  Iceland – th[...]

36 Hours in Akureyri, Iceland

It’s a sleepy Sunday morning as I stroll through the colorful, tree-lined streets of Akureyri. Sidewalk cleaners sweep up broken glass, remnants of a wild Icelandic weekend, and besides a few early morning churchgoers, I’m alone with my thoughts as I wander to a secret spot that promises the best views of Iceland’s second largest city. Despite my wa[...]

25 cool things to do in Reykjavik

I can't stop saying how much I love Iceland, and after explaining why coming here in winter is a wise decision, and what you can do to explore the island and stay active at the same time, it is high time to introduce you to the northernmost capital of the world, and one of my favourite cities ever: Reykjavik. With only 120,000 people Reykjavik is certain[...]

Active Things to do in Iceland in Winter

My alarm clock goes off at 9am sharp. A dozy peek out the window reveals nothing but darkness. This far up north it is still night at this time. Wrapped in big coats and scarfs we stomp through the fresh snow that had fallen all night. The air is crisp and clear. For breakfast we head to Prikið, a popular cafe on Reykjavik's central road Laugavegur. As we s[...]

Why to travel Iceland in Winter

1 million tourists visited Iceland in 2014 - that is over 3 times as many as the local population, which only counts 320,000 Icelanders. Most of them come during the summer months (May to August) to enjoy the endless days and mostly snow-free conditions. On such a small island you can imagine how quickly this can feel crowded though. Prices increase as well [...]

Visiting Iceland Airwaves Festival

Landing in Iceland, my first thoughts were ‘it’s actually not that cold!’ It was a fairly dark morning in November, and I was heading for the Iceland Airwaves Festival in Reykjavik. I had my down jacket, wooly jumper and super warm socks on, ready for the freezing temperature. But it was actually pretty warm as we boarded the bus from the airport. [...]

Top Tips for a Road Trip in Iceland

I don't know about you, but I'm all crazy about Iceland. The little insular state up north was my home for five months a couple of years ago, and ever since I've been dreaming of my return. Maybe this desire seems familiar to you, and maybe 2014 should be the year in which we make our dreams come true! Just recently I stumbled upon this post by my favourite [...]

On hiking in Iceland

I once spent a year living in Iceland and I quickly came to learn a couple of special things about this place: in winter most walkways are ice-free due to intelligent piping the country's culinary specialty is rotten shark which instead of chewing is swallowed down with Brennivín (really strong alcohol) the consumption of Coca Cola per capita is [...]

Iceland on a Budget with Hey Iceland

In the last couple of years I have travelled many parts of Scandinavia, and these journeys have widely varied in occasion and budget. Especially during my time in Iceland, my curiosity for the island and my account balance were often in strong contrast. For my three week around-the-island-trip I had to think of something clever. Sleeping in the car was obvi[...]

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