The Travelettes Guide to Street Art in Berlin

People come to Berlin for different reasons - whether it is to comprehend the leftovers of separation and unification, to enjoy the never-ending club tours through Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain or to experience the diversity of cultures living together. But Germany's capital is also the center of attraction for artists from all over the world - musicians f[...]

5 great Spa and Wellness retreats in or around Berlin

German sauna culture is a well-established tradition worth indulging in, especially through the city’s seasonal extremes. From swim-up cocktail bars in summer to the Die Thermen am Europa Center (which one sauna fiend and local called “the epicenter of 80s Westberlin sauna culture”) in winter, the area hosts some of the most innovative, restorative ret[...]

MyFest in Kreuzberg, Berlin

Berlin is known for its wild parties and vibrant young scene, and with new clubs popping up every day, and legendary clubs such as Berghain and Kater Holzig - it is no wonder it is one of the prime destinations for hedonistic holidays. One of the many yearly party-highlights is the street festival MyFest in the district of Kreuzberg, celebrated every 1st o[...]

Berlin Coffee Haven: Leuchtstoff Kaffeebar

Berlin these days is not for the faint of heart: the pursuit for the ultimate slurp of coffee has increased demand for fine-tuned establishments offering more than your average Milchkaffee. You need to know your flat white from your V60 or Aeropress. Stumptown in, Starbucks out. On a mission to find out more and learn exactly what all these exotic words[...]

East London - the place for British food in Berlin

England - Barely any other country in the world causes such different reactions when it comes to food. Whereas the English worship their greasy breakfast, fish & chips and Cornish pasties, foreigners are either disgusted by or addicted to it – there is no in-between. I have to admit, I am one of the addicts, which is why I was delighted to finally fin[...]

The Travelettes Christmas Market Is Back!

Yes, it's true. The Travelettes Christmas Market is back by popular demand! Does yummy cake, mulled wine, raffle prizes, helping others sound good to you? Whether you're selling stuff, shopping for gifts or just a big fan of us Travelettes (we know how you all love us), come out to Dr. Pong's on Sunday, December 4 for a merry old time. So what's happe[...]

A blind date with Berlin

A while ago, we wrote about the Unseen Tours where you are guided to places you wouldn't normally see as a tourist. In Berlin, you can go on a guided tour where you don't see anything at all. The project "The heard city" (Gehörte Stadt) invites curious visitors to see hear the city with their own ears. With a sleeping mask covering your eyes, a lot of confi[...]

Create & Connect: The Hello Etsy Summit in Berlin

It's always amazing when someone comes up with the effort and energy to create a time and place where like-minded people can get together, exchange, support each other and, in the best case scenario, enjoy a few cocktails while doing all of the above. This past weekend, that someone were the lovely people behind, the website that connects small c[...]

Hüttenpalast, Berlin - Indoor Camping at Hut Palace

“When you travel you’ll always find extraordinary things. But this one is unique”. Philippe smiles. His buddy Alexander nods. The two Belgians are sitting in “their” caravan inside an old vacuum-cleaner factory. Yes, that’s correct. At the “Hüttenpalast” (German for Palace of Huts), the new star on Berlin’s budget-hotel skies, combining a [...]

Having fun in Berlin without getting wet

Growing up in the North of Germany has taught me two things; firstly, there is no such thing as bad weather, there is only unproper clothing. Secondly, there is no use getting annoyed about the weather, best is just live with it. Then I moved to Berlin and got spoiled by hot summers, the ones where you spend the day swimming in the lake and the nights out[...]

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