Work & Relax: Berlin’s First Workation Retreat

Coconat Workation Retreat, how many ways do I love thee? The promise of getting shit done, with a breath of fresh country air - and sharing a bottle of wine around the firepit at the end of the day, after a hearty vegetarian meal. Sold! What is a workation? Well, it’s a chance to get out of the city - perhaps to get away from your lonely desk at home ([...]

A Friday afternoon in Berlin

You probably know by now that Berlin has made quite the lasting impression on me. After a summer that was spent jumping into lakes, pulling all-nighters, having cold and cheap beers whilst sitting next to the canal in Kreuzberg, September with all its beautiful colours is making its way here and I cannot wait for the adventures it will bring: the cosy coffe[...]

Why there is no better place to spend your summer than Berlin

A friend recently asked me: “Why do you always talk about cities as if they were guys!?” I hadn’t even noticed but I guess it’s true. And no, I don’t know the reason but it always seems apt. When I moved to Berlin just over six months ago, I doubted I would still be here today. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always liked it, the freedom, the parties,[...]

Berlin's best ice-cream parlors

It is June, so summer is finally here - at least if you live in the northern hemisphere. It might not seem like summer has reached all of Europe yet; just yesterday I asked my flatmate if she wanted to turn the heating back on, and a few days ago I dug up the old winter boots to battle the rain - Glasgow, I love you anyways. But, I know deep down in my h[...]

Unwind in Berlin: A weekend retreat at Storchenhof

It doesn't have to take hours on end to travel to a place that catapults you into a parallel universe. In fact, sometimes the most serene of all oases can be a short train ride away. And sometimes, just sometimes, it takes a mere 48 hours to calm down the buzz in your head. When I stepped into the old farm-house of a stork farm in Groß Pankow, Brandenburg[...]

Hotels we love: Wyndham Grand in Berlin

At this stage I have quite a bit of travel experience under my belt and I've slept my way through countless hotel beds, comfy ones, not so comfy ones and occasionally truly incredible ones. In fact, quite often I look forward to a night at a nice hotel more than my own bed, because a quality establishment knows what makes people happy between 10pm and 8a[...]

Top 6 things to do in Berlin during summer

Berlin in summer is Berlin at its best. It's one of those cities where locals will avoid venturing far because they know that few other cities will provide the same amount of open air entertainment. With over 100 lakes, many of which are suitable for swimming, there is no need to board planes and trains to the ocean, all it takes is a €2,60 S-bahn ticket o[...]

Setting Sail in Berlin

"I am sailing, I am sailing, home again 'cross the sea. I am sailing, stormy waters, to be near you, to be free." Accompanied by Rod Stewart's voice our boat floats along the Spree. The sun is shining, Katja is behind the steering wheel and I turn the music up a little more before climbing up on the boat's roof. Passing captains wave at us, every now a[...]

SUP Yoga in Berlin - An Experiment

When Yve stood up on a paddling board for the first time three years ago her knees wouldn't stop shaking. Never had she tried a surf sport before and the movement of water under her feet was a weird feeling to get used to. The Nalani SUP Center at Müggelsee lake in Berlin had just bought their first boards and started teaching adventurers on how to do what [...]

Berlin and those endless summer nights...

Living in Berlin you are spoiled for choice with interesting things to see and do all the time. Great new bars and restaurants open up on a weekly basis, there is always a party to attend, an exhibition to watch, a part of town still to discover. In the almost 5 years I've lived in this awesome city I have almost made a bit of a hobby out of uncovering the l[...]

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