How to survive the night bus from Paris to London

When traveling between Paris and London on a budget, taking the bus will be your wallet’s saving grace. The trip takes 9-10 hours each way, so going overnight saves you some precious exploring time in each city. I figured it would also save me money, as I could sleep on the bus rather than having to pay for a hostel. Sleeping, that is, in theory. There a[...]

Discovering Chamonix, or Fulfilling my Childhood Dream

Many years ago, in my tenth grade French class, we were given an assignment to create a travel brochure for any French-speaking locale of our choosing. My decision was based on a place that, as a snowboarder and lover of all things winter, I perceived to be the most glamorous, magical winter wonderland I could find. It was Chamonix, France.  At the time it [...]

Exploring Nice with Pop in the City, the ultimate urban adventure race for women

Women can do amazing things - they can beat the odds and fly across the Atlantic like Amelia Earhart in 1928, or sail around the world on their own like teenager Laura Dekker, or adopt 40+ children off the streets of Nepal to give them a home like Maggie Doyne. They can change our perception of the world with their films or art, they can fight sexism by broa[...]

Welcome to Colorado, France

A few weeks ago was my birthday, and for the first time in years I was not going to celebrate it in a big city, surrounded by a group of friends. This time, I didn't feel like having a party. I wanted to spend it somewhere I’d never been before; to make the day an adventure. I was yearning for new horizons to explore – preferably of the spectacular ki[...]

11 Great Bars in Paris

Just arrived in Paris and about to go for your first drink? Don’t follow the misled backpacker masses that systematically cram together inside the overcrowded hangouts of the Grands Boulevards! Instead, here’s an insider’s subjective guide on where to grab a nice drink in Paris, from fancy cocktail bars to relaxed local watering holes – and includ[...]

Hidden Beauty - Plage de Cenitz

Traveling Europe can result in a rainbow of emotional responses - surprises lurk everywhere. A trip will make your eyes widen and your heart beat faster. The amount of hidden, breathtaking places seems endless, the many different landscapes and diverse cultures inspire awe and wonder. During a 6-week long road trip along the Spanish and French coastline [...]

The Travelettes Guide to getting the best out of Paris

I came to Paris for the first time as a child. It was love at first sight. It was impossible not to fall for that sheer beauty that emanates from every brick this city was built on. I kept on coming back each summer for four years in a row, until finally I was old enough to pack up my life in Colombia and move it all the way to the French capitol. Since the[...]

How to do Paris on a Budget

I like to believe that money should not determine whether or not you get to travel, I even enjoy making it a challenge to travel places on small budget and so I also turned down the financial help offered by my parents when I told them that I was going to Paris. As a student, my travel budget is tiny but as long as a few precautions are taken it can be done.[...]

A weekend in Paris

I have found a new direct path to happiness. It's called: Paris. When back home not even friends, chocolates or retail therapy can't do the trick anymore, it's best to get out for a couple of days and visit a place that is full of charming people, gorgeous architecture, delectable wine and food and countless little shops that make your heart swell with awe. [...]

Europe's largest Hot Air Balloon Festival

You look down ... the world slowly passes by.... you see fields, small villages, a forest, little moving points on the ground... you look up and the air is filled with hundreds of colourful spots around you... listening to the sound of a flame you are rising higher above the ground ... the person next to you says something, but you are too taken by what is a[...]

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