Five reasons to go to Bath, England

After a day of hard work there is nothing more relaxing than taking a bath. You forget the world around you, dive into the hot water and calm down letting the rest of the world go by. To me, the actual city of Bath is exactly that: A place to relax and see my life from a new angle. Bath is a beautiful city in the South of England, where time seems to stand s[...]

Where's Mr. Darcy? - A visit to Chatsworth House

Ever since I saw the film adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice at the tender age of 14 I have been in love. I have been in love with the fictional Pemberley and longed to visit the breath-taking grounds; to see a sodden Mr. Darcy wandering through the flowers in a see-through shirt; to pull out my camera (yes, I know it’s anachronistic) and ta[...]

London from the rooftops

Being a Brit living abroad one of the first questions I get asked is "are you from London?". My face usually forms some unattractive snarl and I state very clearly that NO I am NOT from London and in fact I've only ever visited once for a day to get an emergency passport! I suppose I've never really felt connected to my capital city - maybe its because o[...]

Welcome to Boomtown Fair

Dig out those wellies, spray on that glitter and most important of all, start planning those costumes… Boomtown Fair is coming to town. August 2012 will see the weird and wonderful world of Boom roll up into a secret location in the South West of England for the fourth year running. This four day festival of Bacchanalian revelry is most definitely on the r[...]

5 reasons to visit the Cotswolds

The fast pace of city life can get us all in a whirl sometimes. Luckily, living in the south west of England means world-class countryside and old English towns of yore right on my doorstep. When a close friend asked me to bunny-sit their fat, little house rabbits in Bradford-on-Avon, I flung urban life to the crisp, countryside wind and hopped on the train [...]

Five reasons to go to Sheffield

Ask anyone in England what the name "Sheffield" brings to mind and the most likely answer is "stainless steel." Boring, shiny, stainless steel; simply because it was developed there. However, having lived in Sheffield for nearly two years now, I can vouch that there is definitely more to it than that. Here are five reasons why you should go to Sheffield (and[...]

10 Reasons Why Britannia Rules

Attention! Diamond jubilee fever is officially over after reaching its ultimate peak with the Queen's birthday yesterday. Stores have spent the last two weeks frantically stocking up on emergency supplies. 364 miles of bunting has been snapped up at Sainsbury's and Asda has ordered in a massive 2.8 million Victoria sponge cakes to supply the demand of the ma[...]

Five unusual dates in London

Despite its grey skies, moody commuters and expensive drink prices, love does blossom in London. In fact it’s a wonderful place to fall in love. Believe me, I did it. A couple of times. But falling in love is just an added bonus really as one of London’s best features is that it’s a fun place to date seeing as it’s jam-packed with pubs, museums, gall[...]

All you need to know about English Breakfast

When I moved to England roughly two years ago, I thought I had it all figured out. I'd tasted English breakfast (or what I presumed to be a traditional English breakfast) on a family holiday to an all-inclusive resort in Turkey, and to be honest, I wasn't very impressed. So, during my first months of living in the UK, I stayed away from the "Full English". F[...]

Poppies: The Place to Eat Fish and Chips in London

As you probably have heard, the UK is well known for its dish fish and chips and there are hundred of restaurants, pubs and corner shops offering this. Finding the perfect fish and chips turned out to be quite a challenge, but after a while I luckily found my favourite place, a restaurant called 'Poppies' situated in the East End, just around the corner from[...]

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