I heart Camden Town

There is always something happening in Camden. One of my hands down, favorite locations to shop, wander and people-watch; the centre of the alternative fashion scene is a wonderland of fascinating sights, smells and sounds. Hop on the underground’s northern line to step through the looking glass into one of London’s most diverse shopping locations and pick u[...]

Why We Love @MissUnderground

You never forget your first time. Your first time on the London Underground. Rude at rush hour, rowdy at night, reliably grumpy in the morning, using "The Tube" to navigate your way across London as either a resident or a visitor is a rite of passage. It's one of the things I love to miss now that I no longer live in London. Of course, when I actua[...]

How to get the London look

North, south, east and west… No Dorothy, we’re not in Kansas anymore, we’re in London, the city that currently holds the accolade Style Capital of the World; and that gingham smock just ain’t going to cut it. It’s often struck me how our nation’s capital seems to be split into four distinct districts, all with their own fabulous shopping, identity and style.[...]

30 facts that show that you are tourist in London

After having lived  in London for three years, I have learnt a lot about the city and the difference between visiting a place, as opposed to actually living there for the long haul. When I first arrived in the British capital I was full of expectations, some of which turned out the way I planned, others not so much. And then a whole lot more stuff in between[...]

5 great things to do in London

Don’t be tempted to think that you’ve seen it all when it comes to capital cities like London. I’ve only ever spent short stays there, but each time I fall a little bit more in love with this city of Cockneys, cabbies, bagels, drizzle and best friends. Whether it’s cocktails or culture you’re after, here’s a top 5 that will guarantee a memorable time spent i[...]

The finest "doorporn" of London

I have become a woman obsessed. All I need these days is my camera, my two legs, my favourite city in the world - London - and enough time before the sun goes down. I then seek out my target; the doors of London. That's right, after a year away my time back in London hasn't been spent visiting friends and family who've forgotten what I look like, it's be[...]

Say hello to Portobello!

Hey, Christmas might be over but a little bit of self-gifting never hurt anyone, right? Street markets may be a dime a dozen in a city as bustling and diverse as London but only a delicious few have the kind of far-reaching reputation that can hustle in hungry shoppers from all over the world. Say hello to Portobello! This market is more of an amalgamation o[...]

London from the rooftops

Being a Brit living abroad one of the first questions I get asked is "are you from London?". My face usually forms some unattractive snarl and I state very clearly that NO I am NOT from London and in fact I've only ever visited once for a day to get an emergency passport! I suppose I've never really felt connected to my capital city - maybe its because of my[...]

Five unusual dates in London

Despite its grey skies, moody commuters and expensive drink prices, love does blossom in London. In fact it’s a wonderful place to fall in love. Believe me, I did it. A couple of times. But falling in love is just an added bonus really as one of London’s best features is that it’s a fun place to date seeing as it’s jam-packed with pubs, museums, galleries an[...]

Poppies: The Place to Eat Fish and Chips in London

As you probably have heard, the UK is well known for its dish fish and chips and there are hundred of restaurants, pubs and corner shops offering this. Finding the perfect fish and chips turned out to be quite a challenge, but after a while I luckily found my favourite place, a restaurant called 'Poppies' situated in the East End, just around the corner from[...]

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