Hotels We Love: Altstadt Vienna

The hardest part about going on a city trip for me is choosing the accommodation. I know exactly what I want: the uniqueness and creativity of an Airbnb, combined with the comfort and service of a luxury hotel. Most of all, I know what I don’t want: Waking up in a hotel which looks just the same in Amsterdam as it does in Zagreb. When I was invited to stay[...]

The Vienna Woods: 5 Day Trips from Vienna

Follow my blog with Bloglovin As you know I grew up in the western part of the fantastic city Vienna in Austria. Due to its infrastructure and cool vibe its standard of living is incredibly high. My by far favourite thing about the city is that whether I boarded the tram towards the centre or the outskirts, I would reach either in about 20 minutes. Therefor[...]

6 Cool Neighborhoods in Vienna

Austria's capital Vienna is famous for imperial architecture, classical music, a high quality of life - and tourist swarms from all over the world. With main attractions like St. Stephan's Cathedral, the imperial residences Hofburg and Schönbrunn, or the imposing buildings along the road Ringstraße aside, Vienna has many highlights to offer. Escaping th[...]

Back to the Roots of Photography: PolaWalk in Vienna

Digital photography has made a lot of things easier. Everyone with a common sense for composition and perspective and a little knowledge about exposure, aperture, shutter speed and ISO has the possibility to create an aesthetic masterpiece – safely locked up on a memory card and a hard-drive. The sheer amount tourists and travelers with bulky DSLR cameras [...]

Travelettes Guide to Summer in Vienna

It's hard to not dream of a perfect summer, when looking out of my Berlin window into the pouring rain in the middle of July. And while Vienna is not commonly considered the go-to destination for a summer holiday I recently found it to be exactly that. It was the end of June when I packed my bags and left for the Austrian capital which greeted me with a deli[...]

Marvel, Nibble and Shop at Naschmarkt Vienna

The beautiful city of Vienna is about so much more than coffeeshops, old ladies walking their poodles and Schnitzel. Not that you shouldn't indulge in mouth-watering food while you're there, but imagine doing that... whilst shopping?! The Naschmarkt is a traditional institution in Vienna, it's been around since the 19th century. The name derives from the [...]

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