A Backpacker Meets 5* Resort Luxury: What I Learnt Staying At Shangri-La Mactan

I’m a do-er. A jam-everything-in-so-I-don’t-get-FOMO kind of traveller. Someone who would choose a sketchy night bus to combine travelling with a (poor) night’s accommodation – and, because I haven’t learnt yet, immediately follow it with a day of intense sightseeing. There’s a few downsides to this kind of travelling though. The most obvi[...]

Lagen Island Resort: A honeymoon getaway in the Philippines

I should probably begin with letting you know that I am not married, nor am I engaged. And I don’t even have any plans to get hitched anytime soon! But I recently visited a special tropical retreat on it’s own little island, floating in Bacuit Bay in the Philippines. And boy, am I already planning a faux honeymoon for a wedding that isn’t on the card[...]

Manila Unravelled: Exploring the Different Side of a Metropolis

After a 15-hour journey I arrived in Manila. A gust of hot sticky air instantly hit my face, making my curly hair look just a little bit crazier. I managed to make my way on to the right public bus, thanks to the invaluable travel information given to me by my contact in the Philippines, Jay. It’s pretty easy to get lost in a major capital city that boasts[...]

The Travelettes Itinerary: How to spend One Month in the Philippines

Last year, my big travel highlight was spending a few weeks in the beautiful Philippines… and we predict that the popularity of this stunning Asian destination is set to rise. Asia is popular with independent travellers the world over for a number of reasons: the food, the culture, the paradise beaches - check out my 10 reasons to go backpacking in South E[...]

Boracay - An Island Paradise

The first thing you notice about Boracay is the colour. Cerulean skies sink into seas that are fifty shades of blue and green, fringed by milk-white, velvet sands. If paradise printed postcards, surely they would look a little something like this? Although I’ve been lucky enough to travel many parts of Asia, the Philippines have always eluded me. Ma[...]

The Travelettes Guide to El Nido

A backpacker community living on a paradise island, far removed from the hustling tourist hordes of the mainland – sound familiar? Considering that Alex Garland lived in the Philippines for six months before penning his backpacker classic The Beach, it wasn’t a surprise to learn that there are more beautiful beaches and undeveloped islands in this magica[...]

12 reasons to visit the Philippines

While preparing my big trip to South East Asia, I was looking for something different to do than the classical route through Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. When someone asked me 'Why not try the Philippines!?', I got curious. With direct flights to Manila from Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Australia, and even budget airlines flying there, the [...]

Introduction to the Philippines

When talking about travelling South East Asia, the Philippines is probably not the first country that comes to your mind. Last winter, the Philippines received a lot of media coverage because of the horrible impact caused by typhoon Haiyan. But while the Philippines are sadly regularly hit by such natural disasters, they are also an extremely diverse country[...]

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