The Travelettes Itinerary for Japan

Ah, travel planning. Usually it goes something like this: 1. Picking a destination. Buying the tickets. 2. Hitting a local bookstore (or lazily adding-to-basket on Amazon) to buy a guidebook. 3. Flicking through the 300+ pages. Slowly realising that doing all the must-dos in a limited timeframe is physically impossible. Feeling a bit lightheaded. Pu[...]

Drainspotting - Japan's different kind of street art

It's no surprise to me the streets of Japan are paved with cute... And here's the categorical proof. The past few years have seen Japanese photographer S. Morita collecting a rather unusual set of arty images - manhole covers. Yes, strange as it may seem, I have fallen in love with the manhole covers of Japan. Now before you roll your eyes and check to see i[...]

10 awesome things to do in Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan: the largest city in the world. I was expecting blinding neon lights, agoraphobia-inducing crowds, an exhausting pace. I feared the jam-packed subway at rush hour, the feeling of disappearing in a human tide, the oppression of the tall buildings obscuring the sky. I was prepared to be brutally swallowed by a monster metropolis with the hope that[...]

Rice and Oysters: Eating in Japan

The girl who had stayed with them before me didn’t like soy sauce. She had been in Kariwa-mura, Japan, as I was, for a one-month homestay program as a part of my town’s annual sister city exchange program. But my predecessor didn’t try the sushi, the cold soba noodles, or even the ramen. She ate one thing and one thing only: rice. And contrary to popul[...]

A guide to Harajuku fashion

Harajuku! Smack bang near the top of my ‘places I need to go’ list, the mere name of this district of Tokyo never fails to conjure up a glittering montage of tempting images. Delicious sushi, crazy theme bars, neon lights… but the major draw? The fashion. Harajuku style put Japan on the fashion map. Heads were turned when photographer Shoichi Aoki b[...]

Lost in Tokyo with Mark Bramley

When you travel you might want to bring back the stories and impressions you had. A dried flower, food poisoning, a handful of sand, 8GB of photography, a little scar or a complete new point of view on how the world turns are only some of the possibilities you have. It's never that easy to capture what a place is and feels like for you. How can you [...]

6 Extraordinary Beauty Trends From Japan

A Travelette not only loves to travel the world but also to discover the hottest beauty trends. You may think that Paris or New York are always on the forefront of beauty, but hold your horses, just wait what Japan has to bring to the table! We do realise that beauty trends and ideals are different around the world. It's common knowledge that Asian countr[...]

10,000 free flights to Japan

10,000 tourists can get their trip of a lifetime, for free! The Japanese National Tourist Organization have announced that they intend to give away 10,000 free flights to Japan in order to give new strenght to the tourism industry in the country. After the tsunami, earthquake and following nuclear disaster in Fukushima this spring, tourists practically fled [...]

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