The Ultimate African Safari on a Budget

Knock, knock, knock - I wake up. Is somebody knocking on my door? I thought we were supposed to sleep in today, have a leisurely breakfast and then slowly drive back to Lusaka. It is the last day of our safari in Mushingashi nature reserve, just east of Kafue National Park in Zambia. Our guide Jairos had promised us a laid-back morning and a slow drive throu[...]

Hotels We Love: Taita Falcon Lodge, Zambia

Usually when I go on trips, I'm quite spontaneous and flexible when it comes to accommodation. I'll find a cheap flat on AirBnB or even a local host on couch surfing, and as long as there is a soft surface which is roughly my length, a pillow and a blanket, I'm content. When I planned my trip to Zambia with my dad however, I wanted to make sure that every pl[...]

5 things to do at the Victoria Falls

When last Christmas I broke the news at home, that I wanted to travel to Africa, and my dad instantly said, 'I'll join you', I jumped head over heels into planning our adventure. Having never visited the continent before, I was pretty much open for any destination really, and with my dad being a TV nature documentary adventurer at heart, we quickly decided [...]

Lions, hippos and rainbows - an African adventure

Technically I live in Africa. But when people hear Africa they think of savannah and lions. That is if they know their stuff. Some still ask me whether I see tigers on my way to work. No, I don’t, because the only tigers there are in Africa are in a zoo. Cape Town is different altogether. No, still no tigers on the streets, but no lions either. While yes, [...]

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