South Africa

A Travelettes Guide to Cape Town

Recently I got asked to provide Cape Town insider tips on the topics of yoga and wine. Apparently I am an expert on these two. But insider tips? Phew… I think travellers have a love/hate relationship with the phrase. If an insider tip gets printed or published can it still be considered an insider tip? Also, just because something is printed in a guide boo[...]

Hotels we love: La Grenadine Petit Hotel in Cape Town

I love Cape Town city. And by city I mean the actual inner city part, the part the locals call City Bowl. It’s not only a mecca for the best shops, bars, and restaurants, but also the central point from where you can easily reach it all: beaches, mountains, vineyards and of course unless you are a complete city slicker like me this is what you came for. Wi[...]

A Travelette joins the Treevolution

I must admit that I am only somewhat environmentally conscious. Sure I turn the tap off when I brush my teeth and my Dad installed in me an innate reaction that always makes me switch of the light when I leave a room. Also when travelling I re-use my towels and I will even complain if the hotel doesn't adhere to its own policy. I have always disliked air-con[...]

30 reasons to spend winter in Cape Town

The Instagram challenge this October proved to be a real challenge for me as I am prepping for a Cape Town spring/summer and not fall at the moment. This means an increased work schedule, an increased yoga schedule to get bikini ready, and an increased social calendar as people are coming out of winter hibernation.  Since I am really not good with cold and [...]

A lekker nation - flavours of South Africa

There is a whole industry for people whose only purpose in traveling it is to eat their way through a nation. Food is good enough reason for many to book just a weekend in Paris or Rome and if you prefer it cheap and cheerful you can always eat a week in South East Asia or Mexico. I totally get it, because really what great view doesn’t get greater when en[...]

Street Art in Johannesburg

Street art is a big topic in almost any major Western city but in Johannesburg it's really an integral part of everyday living. Jozi is the epicentre of the contenent's art scene, finding fascinating ways to mix traditional African art with Western influences. The graffiti scene here is relatively new, compared to those in New York or London but it's on the [...]

Cape Town - an introduction

Before visiting Cape Town for the first time I really did not know much about it. Every now and then I heard about a TV production (anything from "The Bachelor" to "Germany's next Topmodel") being produced there and that models and photographers went down there during the months of December to March (the South African summer) to shoot swimwear editorials for[...]

The Neighbourgoods Market in Cape Town

What sort of reasons can you think of to want to travel to South Africa? Stunning landscapes? Beaches? Cultural diversity, maybe? Surely all those are very relevant on your list of things that make Africa's most southern country worth a visit but as I recently found out there is one more major reason why a trip to Cape Town or Johannesburg can not fall anyth[...]

Coffee Haven in Cape Town - Anthony’s Golden Cup

When you find Anthony’s Golden Cup Coffee Shop in Loop Street in Cape Town and spend some time there, you will surely use this as an insider tip for your friends and everyone that asks you about unique spots in Cape Town. "The coffee connoisseurs buy here," says owner Anthony Swartz. "This is not a fancy coffee shop. We are like an old store house that lik[...]

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