Exploring Egypt: Peace & Quiet in Ras Shaitan

Travelling is fun, exciting and eye-opening. However, at times it can also be very, very exhausting. So what do you do when you're halfway through your holidays and realize you can't possibly spend another day trapped in a car that seems too small, while the weather is too hot and the journey too long? When my friends and I recently embarked on a road tri[...]

Photo Contest with 3 days to go - Win a trip to Kenya!

As there are a lot of travel contests going on right now, where you can win trips to Kenya or a journey through Europe by train, and after Caro's success winning the Norway Challenge, I decided to participate in a contest myself. As I think photography is one of my strengths, I chose the iExplore Photo Safari Contest because you can win another trip to Kenya[...]

African Lens: Showing a Multi-faceted View of Africa

For a long time I've admired the work of David Miller. He writes in his personal blog and on the Traveler's Notebook about commodification and codification in travel writing. Often times people tend to romanticize and essentialize about place and don't recognize that their experience in a place is just that, uniquely theirs. By recognizing our own experience[...]