5 things to do at the Victoria Falls

When last Christmas I broke the news at home, that I wanted to travel to Africa, and my dad instantly said, 'I'll join you', I jumped head over heels into planning our adventure. Having never visited the continent before, I was pretty much open for any destination really, and with my dad being a TV nature documentary adventurer at heart, we quickly decided [...]

The Travelettes Guide to Mt. Kilimanjaro

Standing on the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro is one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences, that you will never forget: the glistening white of the remaining glaciers, the thick carpet of clouds hiding everything below you out of sight, the sun tickling your nose after a long night's trek up the rocky slopes – just magical! Not that I know much about it... soon[...]

La Mamounia, Marrakech - A brief history, Mr Churchill and I

Last November I was in Marrakech to attend Pure, an experiential travel conference. One of their speakers was the charismatic travel writer Pico Iyer. He told tales of his life and his travels, spoke about the world, of his new home in Japan and of course about Marrakech. Coming here back in the eighties as a young and, as he described himself, poor writer, [...]

How to stay safe and comfortable in Namibia

The elephant flapped her ears, pawed the ground and looked very annoyed. The eyes of all the occupants of the six vehicles present swept from the elephant at the waterhole to the newly arrived (and apparently offending) Land Rover. We waved our arms trying to get the driver’s (not the elephant's) attention, drew fingers across our necks and mimed turning a[...]

Swim like an Egyptian: Winter Getaway in El Gouna

I must admit that I am not very spontaneous. At least not for normal, every day life things. Call me on a Friday evening when I'm sitting on the couch and ask me if I want to go for a drink to the corner bar, chances are, I will say no. But call me on that same Friday night and ask me if I can be at the airport in a few hours to fly to a random destination a[...]

‎Traveling along the Nile in Egypt

Mention Egypt and the first that comes to the mind are the ancient pyramids of Giza. Yet, on my recent journey there I found out that Egypt is of course so much more than mysterious triangular architecture. That's why, besides scaling the great pyramids, I ventured Cairo and Giza for relaxing boat rides on the Nile and countless temples in the southern re[...]

The Ups and Downs of Volunteering in Zimbabwe, Africa

You hear so much about African countries that have exciting things on offer: Morocco for the maze in the medina and its snake charmers, Egypt for the Pyramids and sand dunes, or Tanzania for the jeep safaris and paradise islands; to name but a few. Zimbabwe on the other hand - what would be your number one reason to go? I personally had no desire to visit[...]

Meeting the Himba in Namibia

For years, photographers have been drawn to Namibia's northwest – to a community living among the majestic Makalani palms at Palmfontein: the Himba. They invite visitors to see how they live and learn about their proud and ancient culture. From skin care to clothing and perfume, many Himba continue traditional practices that have remained unchanged for gen[...]

6 Places to visit in Malawi

When I first booked my trip to work a few months in a hospital in southern Malawi, my friends and family could not be convinced of the idea to visit me. Political and social crises, the fact that it's landlocked and hard to reach, the lack of famous national parks and simply not knowing anything about the country made it hard to get them excited. All I knew[...]

Lost and Found - Surviving the Maze of Marrakech

“Do you know where you are?” Youssef looks at me expectantly. Oh flip, is he going to leave me in the middle of the kasbah? I know that is where I am, but that doesn't mean I know how to get back to my hotel. I give him a sheepish look, “No, I don't.” He just laughs and buys me a cactus fruit that I have been eyeing for the last couple of stalls. [...]

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