How to stay safe and comfortable in Namibia

The elephant flapped her ears, pawed the ground and looked very annoyed. The eyes of all the occupants of the six vehicles present swept from the elephant at the waterhole to the newly arrived (and apparently offending) Land Rover. We waved our arms trying to get the driver’s (not the elephant's) attention, drew fingers across our necks and mimed turning a[...]

Meeting the Himba in Namibia

For years, photographers have been drawn to Namibia's northwest – to a community living among the majestic Makalani palms at Palmfontein: the Himba. They invite visitors to see how they live and learn about their proud and ancient culture. From skin care to clothing and perfume, many Himba continue traditional practices that have remained unchanged for gen[...]

Namibia – Where desert, ocean and the moon meet

“Where is the 4x4?”, “Check the gear stick!”, “I am, there is nothing.” “Maybe a button?!” “A button? Since when do you put the 4x4 in with a button?”. When three very proficient drivers cannot find it, chances are that no, the car you hired is not hiding the 4x4 from you, it simply does not have one. And as it is not the Batmobile, ch[...]

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