How to Spend 10 Days in Morocco

Morocco is one of the most intoxicating destinations on earth. It's bold, bright, colourful and unapologetically chaotic. It's also only a stones throw away from Europe and is easily the closest place to home with the biggest cultural difference. From London, it's only a three hour flight, making it a perfect two week getaway when you're craving a bit of exo[...]

The Travelettes Guide to modern Marrakech

I love Marrakech. So much in fact that I have written love letters to the city and have vowed to be there at least once a year to satisfy my cravings for this beautiful place. That wasn't always the case. The first time I went I actually really hated it: it seemed loud, obnoxious and was just pushing all my buttons in the wrong way. But as it sometimes goes [...]

La Mamounia, Marrakech - A brief history, Mr Churchill and I

Last November I was in Marrakech to attend Pure, an experiential travel conference. One of their speakers was the charismatic travel writer Pico Iyer. He told tales of his life and his travels, spoke about the world, of his new home in Japan and of course about Marrakech. Coming here back in the eighties as a young and, as he described himself, poor writer, [...]

Lost and Found - Surviving the Maze of Marrakech

“Do you know where you are?” Youssef looks at me expectantly. Oh flip, is he going to leave me in the middle of the kasbah? I know that is where I am, but that doesn't mean I know how to get back to my hotel. I give him a sheepish look, “No, I don't.” He just laughs and buys me a cactus fruit that I have been eyeing for the last couple of stalls. [...]

Hotels we Love: La Sultana, Marrakech

I don't think I'm going out on a limb here when I say that at some point most girls wanted to be a princess. Maybe some of you wanted to be space cowboys or firefighters or rather Wonderwoman, but I'd guess princess was on the what to be when I grow up list for a majority. At least it was on mine until I actually did grow up, looked at the real royals, and r[...]

Hotels We Love: The Selman, Marrakech

There are design hotels that amaze with their delightful aesthetics and architectural class and bravery. Then there are luxury hotels that indulge with their elegance, decadence and knock-your-socks-off-then-pick-them-up-and-tidy-them-away excellent service. Then there is the Selman in Marrakech, which has somehow managed to slot itself into both of t[...]

YSL - A Moroccan Love Affair.

Travel and fashion go well together. We like to look the part while conquering the world with our camera and designers have always looked to travel for inspiration. Sometimes they travel through time, visiting ancient places with ruins long lost and bustling skirt hems long shortened and replaced by trousers. Sometimes they travel through the world, either l[...]

Marrakech - Entering the Fairytale

  The first time i visited Marrakech I was 15. At the time my family and I were staying at a sprawling resort in Agadir, along the Atlantic coast and one day we decided to do the 3-hour road trip to see the Moroccan metropolis. I don't remember much, other than the intense August heat that numbed all my senses. To this day those 5 hours have burnt themselv[...]

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