Happy Valentine’s month! Whether your little eyes light up with love hearts over V-Day or whether you hate it with a fiery passion, it’s hard to miss this red card and candy holiday. In fact, I’m pretty sure that as soon as the January sales bite the dust, retailers wheel out the satin hearts and cuddly bears to remind people of their next big expenditure lest they forget this loved up holiday and have to commit the cardinal sin of purchasing (dear god, no!) petrol station carnations.


As a girl that loves any excuse for a celebration of some kind (‘Day that ends in a Y’ party, anyone?), I’m all up for popping some bubbly and exchanging cards to celebrate the fact that yes, we made it! One more year in the bag! But (and I’m sure I’m preaching to the converted y’all), isn’t the point of celebrating love, whether with that certain special someone or with your best buds, to create memories that last a lifetime as opposed to splurging on a load of crap? Isn’t that what celebrating life is all about? And what else is all about creating memories? Travel, that’s what.

So my ‘couple of the year’ accolade is going out to this super-cute pair of photographers, Peter Sedlacik and Zuzu Galova. These two are a match made in travel photography heaven and have built up a strong Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook following for their project Lens Between Us, a series of photographs documenting their jet-setting lives.






The unique selling point of Lens Between Us is that every picture incorporates two photographs as the couple snap a picture of each other at the same time. These travel portraits perfectly portray the exotic locations they are passing through as well as creatively capturing each others’ viewpoint with interesting and playful compositions. Well, they do say the secret to a good relationship is being able to see from the other person’s point of view. If that’s the case then these two have got it made.





Peter and Zuzu are currently based in Sydney, Australia so the colourful collection of recent snaps are documenting their travels around the Land of Oz. Cue obligatory but always cute ‘roo shots as well as some epic coastal scenes, quirky street art and explorations of exhibitions and galleries. Other scenes from the Lens Between Us memory book include a trip through Portugal, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia and the CzechRepublic as well as far off Fiji and the temples of Singapore.






The pair admitted they do get a few odd looks when they are setting up their shots but as far as I’m concerned, the couple that can be weird together, stays together. The Lens Between Us series doesn’t just showcase a happy and obviously well-suited pair, lost together in wanderlust but forms a giant photo-diary of their lives, travel and love. Forget the cuddly bears and fancy jewellery for Valentine’s day. This is the stuff memories are made of. Well, it’s something to show the grand-kids, that’s for sure.

All pictures by Peter Sedlacik and Zuzu Galova -  shared with permission.

Alex Saint is a writer based in Bristol, England – a place she calls home due to its friendly, diverse atmosphere and never-ending list of fun things to do. She loves tattoos, quirky fashion, pugs and, of course, travelling.

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