The odds seemed against us, when Berlin’s Hauptstadtfloss, the large 2-story float, roaming the waters of the river Spree, set sail last Saturday along with a laid-back crew of bloggers such as This is Jane Wayne, Finding Berlin, i-Ref, Allet ohne Schminke or whudat. But neither the dark clouds nor the rain could lower our spirits and so we drank and laughed and danced throughout the 3 hours of the tour.

The occasion for that fun afternoon was an invitation by Café Zero° (we mentioned the trip a few days ago) who provided us with excellent hip hop music, some snack food and chilled drinks. Of course we also got to try all three Café Zero° flavors, all of which are a lovely summer drink, or even desert, if you ask me (think Mousse au Chocolat meets Tiramisou).

Each of the 16 bloggers on board suggested a song they felt was the summer hit for 2012 for a chance to win a scooter they could then give away to their readers. My suggestion of the old favorite of Dirty Dancing’s I had the time of my life did not quite make it but at least made for a few minutes of passionate dancing on benches and singing along at the top of our lungs, and surely that’s worth something.

It was a blast and only reminded me of how much fun there is to be had on the water when it comes to Berlin. If you’re thinking – wow, I would love to cruise along the river in Berlin on a float with my friends – then check out, where you can rent a float for yourself and up to 10 friends from just €80 for 4 hours. Unfortunately the website is only available in German, but you can contact them directly to discuss more details. It’s certainly something I have added to my to-do list for the summer.

For now, just lay back, relax and have a look at a few more impressions from last Saturday on the float…