me and my guitar

When I travel, I hardly go on a trip without my guitar. For two reasons:

  1. There is no easier way to make friends sitting in  a hostel all by myself playing a song everybody knows.
  2. There is no better way to make some easy money!

Now, I have to admit: Point No. 2 is a little bit tricky and you have to follow a few rules to finance your travels with making music. I accidently started busking in Sydney. On one of those perfect sunny Australian days I went to the Botanical Gardens with my guitar, sat down in the grass and played a few songs. In the middle of my solo of “Don’t look back in anger” I saw an old man approaching me and I was sure he would tell me to stop the katzenjammer immediately. Phrasing the perfect answer in my head, I was ready to shoot something back, when the old geezer threw a coin at me and just kept walking. At first I was outraged! I wanted to throw the coin back at him, shouting ”I’m not a bum, you know!” But then I couldn’t help but wonder: Maybe… maybe this wasn’t such a bad idea at all… So I put my hat in front of me and continued playing, this time a little louder. And after only two hours of playing and doing what I love to do, I had roundabout 50 (!!!) Dollars in my hat! … Which I invested in a very expensive dinner new dress.

To me busking is one of the most exciting ways to travel the world. I highly recommend trying it to anyone who knows how to play an instrument. Here are some first ideas on how to get started:

-          Before playing, get yourself a permit! It’s not expensive and you get it at every city council.

-          Pick the right spot! Don’t go where all the other buskers are (e.g. shopping malls) Pick a quiet spot,  where people actually listen to you.

-          The time of day is essential! During weekends, public holidays or in the evening people are way more relaxed and more willing to give away their good money.

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