Hungary’s capital city is known for many things: classic architecture, abundant Turkish baths, pornography, cool night life, and sweet sweet prices. While I studied abroad in Budapest, I paid about $150 per month for my own room with a beautiful loft in a shared flat with a huge kitchen and bathroom. But okay I get it, not everyone is living in Budapest and renting rooms. So, what are your options for a short affordable trip in this fine city?


Couch surfing: BP has some amazing couch surfing hosts. I stayed with one of them for a week while finding my flat and met many more in my days living in the city. Couch surfing is one of my favorite ways to travel, especially when alone, because you meet people who immediately help you unlock a city’s best kept secrets.

Renting a flat: A lot of agencies offer cheap flats to rent for a short period of time. It can work out to be much cheaper than a hotel, especially if you have a big group or are staying for a longer period of time. Often you need to be booking for at least a week, but times may be flexible. Or you may just decide you love BP so much that you need to stay!

-Hostel: A quick search on should tell you more than you need to know. As for personal recommendations… a lot of my Erasmus friends enjoyed Domino Hostel and its sister Marco Polo Hostel until they found flats. Apparently they’re pretty cheap and good for meeting other travelers. In general, I recommend staying in the Pest side of the city (Budapest is divided by the Danube into two very distinct halves). My favorite spots are almost all in the 7th district, or Jewish Quarter. Staying in Buda will put you closer to some key sightseeing but farther from a lot of the cooler night spots and shopping. Fortunately there are night buses and cheap taxi rides to be had, so you might still consider it if you find a good deal.


Do you know any good, affordable places to stay in Budapest? Please share in the comments so others can enjoy them too!

post by Jackie Clark