I come from a ’24 hours a day/ 7 day a week’ culture where I can buy and do almost anything I want at any time of the day …. yes even on a Sunday! So when I recently moved to Brussels I was a bit surprised when I popped down to my local H&M to by socks and it was closed. Closed? What? This is Europe in 2011 and I can’t by socks on a Sunday? So I was faced with a bit of a dilemma, what am I going to do on Sundays in Brussels if everything is closed? Well here is a list of fun things that I’ve discovered you can do on Sundays with or without socks.

Les Halles Saint-Géry; Place Saint-Géry 23

Situated a stone’s through away from the impressive Bourse building (the Brussels stock exchange), les Halles Saint-Géry are a brilliant place to hang out with friends and drink coffee on a lazy Sunday morning. The building is impressive and is home to many interesting expositions honouring the heritage of Brussels. It also holds a cartoon market on the first Sunday of the month. (If you didn’t know, Brussels is cartoon and comic book crazy. The king of the comic, Georges Rémi (known under the pen name Hergé) and his creation Tintin are from Brussels.)


Cinématek ; Rue Baron Horta

Cinématek is a great place to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon, and let me tell you that we have plenty of rainy Sunday’s! It has one of the biggest and important collections of films in the world with over 60,000 films on record so I’m sure that you will be able to find something to watch.

Manneken Pis; Rue de l’Etuve

Manneken Pis is, in my opinion, the strangest and most pointless statue ever created. Yes, it’s a 60 cm high bronze statue of a little boy taking a pee. You know when you are close to the stature because of the raucous laughter in the air as tens of tourists’ line up to take pictures of this little man all hours of the day. Amusingly he also has over 50 different fancy dress costumes so maybe you’ll be lucky and stumble across Manneken dressed as Elvis, Mozart or Baden Powell. Don’t forget to check out his sister statue, Jeanneke Pis who is just round the corner on Impasse de la Fidélité.

The Chocolate Muesum; Rue de la Tête d’Or

Need I say any more? IT’S A CHOCOLATE MUSEUM! A must-do for every chocoholic travelette where you can learn about the history of chocolate, watch a master chocolatier in action and even sample a cheeky chocolate or two!



The African Museum; Leuvensesteenweg 13

The African Museum is a great place to spend an afternoon outside the confines of the city centre.  The museum has an incredible collection of artefacts and information relating to the  history, archaeology, economy, geology, agriculture, zoology, culture and music of Africa. The vast gardens are beautiful and spotted with incredible wooden elephants and as an added bonus there is a great café that serves killer hot chocolate and crepes!

The Midi Market; Boulevard de la Constitution

It turns out you can by socks on a Sunday in Brussels, you just have to know where to look. The Midi Market is the second biggest market in Europe after the Ventimiglia market in Italy. Held every Sunday from 6am till 2pm you can explore what the 450+ store holders have to offer and buy enough vegetable, socks and souvenirs to last you a lifetime. Be careful when shopping because the area can attract pickpockets.

Hope you enjoy your Sunday in Brussels!