Dear travelettes,

New York is full of surprises. Just the other day I was googling good brunch spots in Manhattan and after carefully circling in my options I eventually decided to go for the Sullivan Bistro on 169 Sullivan Street in Nolita.


Even though it hadn’t got any ratings, its brunch menu much more suited my tastebuds than many of the Soho places which like to go all natural on people. Being in America, however, I don’t want organic granola for breakfast, I want pancakes. French toast. Eggs and bacon. You get the picture.

My buddy Jeff and I ordered a very tasty Eggs Florentine and the Big Breakfast consisting off Eggs with home fries and some very yummy banana blueberry pancakes. At $14 a pretty good deal considering it includes unlimited iced or regular coffee.

IMG_1260 IMG_1265

A special bonus feature that comes with the Sullivan is one of its neighbors, however. My friend and I were puzzled at a group of students posing in front of a house, right across the street upon which we were told by a waiter that Vogue-editor Anna Wintour lived right right there.

Reason enough for me to get a quick picture taken of myself in front of her red door.


So, if you’re ever looking for a good place to brunch, why not come to Sullivan, grab a window spot and hope for a photo opportunity with the Great Anna.

Happy travels,