I haven’t given breakfast all the attention it deserves during the past. I used to skip it usually, simply because it meant 10 extra minutes spent in bed. Lately this attitude has changed, and now, especially when traveling, I seek out the best places to have breakfast in to start of my day right.

Last Summer I spent some time in Stockholm. Since shops didn’t opened before 11:00 to 12:00, I had loads of time for breakfast. Staying at a houseboat just at the coast of Södermalm, a stylish neighborhood of Stockholm, I walked around one morning, ooking for coffee and a croissant and finding: Café String.

First I thought it was some kind of vintage furniture shop because of all the great chairs at the window. Only after looking inside and following the smell of fresh paninis, I figured out that this was a breakfast place. 50s music, cute people, and self service gave the room an interesting flair of movement and relaxation.


caffe string.jpg

When it came to the food, I had to order one of their paninis which smelt so good. Goat cheese, dried tomatoes and basil on grilled bread – everything straight from the oven. A feast for my taste buds. My friend had blueberry cake with Milk. I had never seen this served as a dish before but it was also delicious. We spent hours in there as the weather wasn’t all that good and the something about Cafe String told us to stick around.

But that’s not to say that it’s not worth exploring the shops around this great cafe as there are tons of lovely vintage stores all over. If it’s furniture you’re looking for then you can just stay here, as all the furniture inside String is for sale. If you want to take your favourite Coffee Chair back home, no problem and prices are fair. If you ever happen to come to Stockholm visit this place. You can definitely forget time there.