For a job, I recently had the chance to research and test 3 of Berlin’s best breakfast spots. I am so exited about what I found, that I felt I should not hide them from you. In fact, I am introducing a new series to travelettes called “Breakfast Wonderland” which will introduce you to some of our favorite spots worldwide to have breakfast in.

Starting with this one: Sing Blackbird.

This place is brand spanking new having recently opened in Berlin’s Neukölln area on Sanderstraße 11.

Sing Blackbird is all sorts of wonderful. The decor is imaginative, yet simple, there are only 6 tables for a cosy feel and then there is some of the best breakfast in town. Created (yes, created) not by a chef but by a wonderful illustratation artist called Karl Addison (it’s worth looking at his flickr for illus of food).




Most of the people who were here said they were friends of the owners, 2 cool girls with a vision and a dream to combine their love of vintage, food and a hangout for their friends.

But now to the actual star of this post: the breakfast.


The above picture features a tower of the best vegan breakfast for 2 in town. It includes a yummy tofu scramble, home fries, salad (with a great rasberry vinaigrette), various vegetables and fruits, a mean mango-guacamole, fried mushrooms and, oh my god, the best pancakes with glazed apples i have ever tasted. If you like your cold cuts, they have those too, obviously. But even for meat-lovers like myself, the vegan breakfast here is really one of a kind.


Tastes even better that it looks, if that’s possible.


Even the bread is vegan and homemade, believe it or not. There were 2 of us and we didn’t even finish half (alright in all fairness we did have 2 previous breakfasts that day) but the bottom line is that at 16€, this stuff comes to you as gift.

And now that you’ve saved so much money on a deluxe breakfast, why not continue on to a little look around the vintage section of Sing Blackbird. From stunner designer heels to romantic cotton blouses, this place holds all the gems your vintage-loving heart desires. Particularly cool: bring in your old vintage and get store credit in exchange!





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There is but one downfall to this place. The wonderful breakfast is only served on weekends and we predict that in the not too distant future you may have to queue to get a table on Saturdays and Sundays. But if you come here on a weekday, making up for the lack of breakfast are definately their wonderful homemade cakes.


Sing Blackbird is located at Sanderstraße 11 in 2047 Berlin

Opening hours are: Tue-Fri 10am-9pm, Sat-Sun 11am-9pm, closed on Mondays.