What do you associate with ship containers? Probably you think about storing, shipping and transporting goods, right? I had the same thought UNTIL I heard about the Boxpark Project – the first pop-up mall in the world, which is constructed by ship containers. Yes,  walk-in containers with fancy lifestyle brands, cosy café’s and snack bars, all sized ‘down’ to a small box. But it isn’t just a simple mall where you do your shopping, it is a place where you can hang out, socialise, meet with friends and just have a good time. In order to make your time as enjoyable as possible, there is lots of room on the ‘box container terrace’.

The Boxpark has opened in December and is situated in London’s trendy area Shoreditch, just next to Shoreditch Highstreet Overground Station or a 10minute walk away from both Old Street and Liverpool Street Station. The pop-up mall will stay in London for about five years before it will ‘pop up’ somewhere else in the world.

It was created by Roger Wade, who is the founder of the UK brand ‘boxfresh‘. The aim of the whole project is to bring fashion back to where it belongs: “on the street”. That’s why only a few selected brands could rent out a container. The 60 brands, cafés and shops that were chosen are all packed with creativity, talent and innovation. Some of the streetwear brands are Smiley, Vans, Lacoste L!fe, Levi’s, Farah Vintage, Amnesty Shop and much more. After strolling around at the Boxpark opening on the 3rd of December I soon fell in love with the Norwegian brand Onepiece, who produce cosy chill-out overalls, like on the picture below. With this outfit you are most likely to be the ‘king’ (or queen) on every pyjama party.

photo via TheStyleScout

The new shopping mall is predicted to be a great success and the founder Roger Wade is already planning to open 6-12 additional Boxparks around London.

If you are visiting England’s capitol, don’t miss out on Shoreditch, the vintage centre of London with lots of fancy restaurants and a wide selection of kick-ass vintage shops and explore the world’s newest shopping revolution, the Boxpark.  Even though the selection of clothes is rather small (due to the limited space of the box containers), you can just relax and socialise on the wooden terrace with some  freshly squeezed juice from Crussh, some delicious salmon bagels from Chop’d or much much more.