What do you travel for? Is it sun? People? Food? Or could it even be art?

This past weekend I spontaneously decided to follow an invitation and travel to Munich in order to attend a pop up gallery called Absolut Blank Atelier where over the course of 4 days, different artists would show their work. Special about this was that not the finished result was at the center of everyone’s attention, but the creative process leading up to that result. Essentially the distance gone from the blank page to the thing we call art.

The inspiration to the Absolut Blank Atelier was derived by the new Absolut Bottle called Blank where 18 artists from around the world were invited to design their own Absolut Bottle (more on this here). The German market welcomed the design of artist Mario Wagner which is looking pretty cool, if you ask me.

One artist duo who appeared at the Absolut Blank Atelier last Saturday left a particular impression on me and I think you will like them too. I am talking about London-based food architecture artists Bompas & Parr whose main medium to create unusual art installations is jelly. What’s only been a dessert to you takes on whole new spheres when Sam Bompas and Harry Parr get to work.

It was down to Parr’s original education as an architect that the two came up with the idea of making jelly in the shape of famous buildings, most notably Saint Paul’s cathedral in London…

or even the Buckingham Palace which are now inseparably linked to their names. The jelly mould for the latter was even being sold by Selfridges in a limited edition.

Even cooler than the famous building jellies is the one they made of the USA map.

The duo claims that they can turn any thinkable form into jelly and regularly challenge people to come up with ideas for shapes. We’d love to see some high heels wandering a globe, can you do that for us, Sam and Harry?

Another one of their specialties is the use of fluorescent color on their jellies, making them look like these guys shown at the Absolut Blank Atelier on Saturday:

The look is cool, but we’d much rather snack on the maracuja-vodka one below. Bompas even shared his secret to an awesome party jelly: just mix your favorite cocktail, add one sheet of gelatin for every 100ml of liquid, heat without boiling and then let it sit in the fridge for at least 5 hours. The result will impress your guests and is a guaranteed way of getting people drunk without actually drinking anything at all (I definitely felt a little dizzy after 4 or 5 spoons full of the vodka cocktail jellies given out).

Needless to say that Bompas& Parr are popular guests at any given party. They constantly travel the world, mostly doing jelly installation for clients such as Disney, the BBC or Selfridges.

Bompas’s favorite jellies are made of Champagne or Licorice, which seriously has me wondering about the endless options. Appletini jelly? Cosmopolitan jelly? Mojito jelly? With all these in mind I’d say summer can come.

As impressed with Bompas & Parr as we are? Check out their work in this video and visit them at their website.

For more info on the other artists featured at the Absolut Blank Atelier on the remaining 3 nights of the pop up gallery, visit here, here and here.

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