In about 230 days, four girls will travel from Monterey Bay, California to Honolulu, Hawaii. To set a world record, they aim to cross the 2,400 mile distance within 40 days. The girls will only rely on their physical strength and determination to reach this ambitious goal: The record on the line is for the fastest all-female team of four to row the Mid-Pacific route.

Even though the Boatylicious project will certainly gather some attention, the reason behind the race is not only the world record. The team hopes to raise £40,000 for Merlin, the UK’s leading international health charity, and the international children’s charity Hope and Homes for Children.


The team currently consists of Emily Blagden, a trainee surveyor from London, and Laura Kennington, who is a personal trainer in Essex. Since a duo is hardly enough to row the boat, here’s the good news for all adventurous girls out there: Laura and Emily are still looking for two adventurous girls and a reserve to join the crew! More information is available on the Boatylicious Website.

The idea of rowing across an ocean sounds like a pretty rough deal – but the team has mapped out a detailed plan to prepare for this challenge of a lifetime. Laura, the team’s personal trainer, has put together a 12 month nutrition and training programm to help prepare the crew for ocean rowing. In addition to the comprehensive personal, physical and mental training, the girls will have to obtain qualifications in sea survival and ocean yachtmaster theory to ensure their safety throughout the journey. Team Boatylicious will be completely self-sufficient, carrying all of their equipment and food for the entire duration of the race.


The 29-foot boat will provide only very limited space and privacy, allowing the girls to take just one luxury item: Coffee for Laura and a Learn Spanish audio guide for Emily. The travel-savvy crew is eagerly awaiting next June to finally cross the start line. While Emily looks forward to combine her interests in expeditions, sports and humanitarian works, Laura describes the row as the winning combination: terrifying and exciting at the same time. Considering the prospect of rowing through storm waves of up to 40 feet, most of you might lean towards finding this race rather terrifying. But to calm your nerves down: An expert weather prediction service will provide the girls with daily updates on weather conditions.

If you now find yourself floating on waves of excitement about the challenge, you can find more information at the Boatylicious official website or follow the team on Twitter at @Boatylicious4.

Group photo from Facebook, all other photos via Boatylicious Official Website.
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