I’d like to introduce some of my favorite places on the Internet – blogs written by ladies who inspire you to jump on a plane with only your camera and a roll of film for company, so you can see the world as they do. Some of them (Alison and Sandra) were among the first blogs I read on this Internet space thingy and maybe partly responsible for me wanting to blog and take more photos in order to share what I see. The others are blogs I’ve stumbled upon over time, via Bloglovin, and through recommendations of other bloggers. Just to note, they are not travel blogs per se but rather blogs that capture the real essence of a place, yet however you classify them these ladies would make great additions to the Travelettes team.

Allison O’Connor from 24 : 00

She started her blog as a way of documenting her year-long study abroad experience in Tokyo but now she is back in Seattle she continues to blog and amaze with her beautiful photos. Allison is one of a rare breed – she only uses a film camera and continually captures the best of a place.

Kristina from Kris Atomic

She’s a Brighton (UK) based freelance illustrator and self confessed cat lover. Her photos of a recent trip to Iceland are incredible and made me want to withdraw all my savings and hop on a plane that same hour to live forever in miniature paradise.

Sandra Juto from Niotillfem

Currently residing in New York City (but blogs regularly from Los Angeles where her boyfriend lives and Sweden where she is originally from) this is one stylish chick who must be on anyone’s list of top blogs. She has written great guides to Paris, Berlin, New York, London and Stockholm sharing all her best places for shopping, coffee, eating and partying and takes beautiful romantic photos of her life where ever she happens to be in the world.


I don’t know much about the author of this blog, apart from the fact she is French. But regardless of the nationality or origins of this mysterious blogger there is no denying that her travel photography skills are fantastic. Having spent a long time in Japan she blogs about great shops, cafes and places that you must visit, including their address and opening hours. A must visit if you are ever planning a trip to Japan.

Amber Parkin from Code For Something

This sassy writer from New Zealander has recently relocated from Auckland to London, England. She takes beautiful photos (above) and I’m always discovering great treats via her blog like this time lapse video of a plane journey featuring the Northern Lights

Who else would you add to this list?