Let me ask you something: What will you give your mom/dad/grand parents/friends for Christmas this year? This is the question on almost everybody’s mind during the month of December and as every year it’s weighing heavy on me as well. Except that this year the solution came easy when I was offered to test-drive the new Kodak photobook software, which you can download and in a few easy steps create a book filled with your favorite photographs.

As someone who’s spent the last 12 months traveling almost non-stop naturally I have a huge selection of gorgeous travel shots and so it only took me 2 minutes to come up with a theme for my photobook: the 33 most memorable places I have visited. The absolute must-do’s on any travel bucket list. I have assembled 33 photos of 33 places and fit them all into a book which will then be gloriously presented as this year’s Christmas present for my mom (mom, please act surprised).

If you want to give this project a shot during the course of the weekend, simply download the software here (the link will take you to the German website but you can change your country in the top right corner) and chose your favorite out of 4 available formats as well as various layout options. Personally I like when the images fill the entire page (like in a magazine) but you can opt for different styles of framing as well.

It took me no longer than 20 minutes to order all my photos, add a title and export the finished book – very quick and easy. Now all I have to do is head to the nearest dm-market (a German drugstore) and voilà! – only a few minutes later my super special, personalized, creative, happy faces only Christmas present is ready for wrapping! The holidays can come.

Oh yes – if you speak German then head over to Glam.de as they have a great competition running where you can win a photo shoot along with a Kodak photobook to go.

If you have any other great ideas for possible books – travel-related or other – I would love to hear them! Maybe a photobook on (funny?) faces or a to-do list for evry day of the month?