The Michelberger Hotel is one unlike any other I have ever come across. Before I knew it was an actual hotel, I thought it was a night club, as, before its opening a couple of months ago, it hosted various parties including this one or that one or even that one. All those parties were pretty great, not the least due to their excellent location. When I then realised that my new favorite party venue would soon stop hosting parties and function as a hotel I cried was happy for everyone needing an original and homey place to crash in Berlin.

So what makes this hotel so special? Here’s why:

1) The staff. ‘Duh’, you might think because probably a lot of hotels have nice staff. But this place really has the hearts of its owners built into every brick. Tom Michelberger (31, second from the right) talks affectionately about his hotel and the people who made it into what it is. What took 5 years to build is now up and running like a charm. It feels a lot like everyone working here becomes your good buddy within 10 minutes or less.


2) Gorgeous communal spaces. Even if you don’t actually stay here, it’s still a fabulous spot come and hang out over what could possibly be the best latte in town. Or a glass of wine. Or a cocktail. Or just a little snack.

IMG_2268 IMG_2383

3) Unusual and comfy accomodation. All the rooms come with a proper feel of Bauhaus, Japanese minimalism and Bavarian comfort, all mixed into one. Rooms cost from 55€ a night (with a triple bedroom costing as little as 65€).

IMG_2323 IMG_2308

4) Attention to detail. You know when you find a place where everything makes you go “aww” or “wow” or “oh my god, that is so cool!”? Michelberger is a bit like that.


5) Action. No one has to be bored in this hotel. Not only is it right next to one of my favorite hang-outs in Berlin – Monster Ronson’s (an extraordinary karaoke bar), Michelberger Hotel also organizes great jam sessions every Saturday at the hotel’s night club basement.

belvedere ix 122 belvedere ix 267

All in all, a brilliant place to stay when in Berlin. Definitely recommended.

Happy travels,

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