If you’re an avid reader of this website, you’ll have noticed a great little series we are currently running on the subject of „The New Style Of Business… IN MY CITY“ . The theme was suggested to us by HUAWEI, who have just launched the campaign for their new HUAWEI MateBook, a slim, super stylish and ultra-multitasking cross between tablet and laptop.


Personally what this makes me think of first is the concept of New Work.  New Work is an expression I first came across at a conference a little while back. For those who aren’t familiar with it yet: it’s the next thing after Work 2.0. It stands for flexible work hours, for target-orientated performance, rather than 9 to 5 productivity. New Work stands for the idea that life and work should be in a balance that operates after your internal clock, your circumstance and your actual happiness. New Work is very much an invention by the digital world, an attempt to adapt age-old work structures to this new world we live in nowadays. Internet world. My world as a professional blogger. To make it all happen I only need 2 things: a wifi connection and a laptop. Preferably one that’s slim, light and versatile. Something just like the HUAWEI MateBook.

katja hentschel

We were wondering how relevant the use of computers, tablets and smartphones is for the average traveler today and hit the streets of Berlin to ask 10 people. We also wanted to get an idea how people’s personal style translates in their work, so we asked people who were currently working. Shop assistants, restaurant owners, PR managers – we met them on the street or at work and asked them to pose for a quick photo. Here they are.


1. Tanja – artist

“I just got out of yoga and am now headed to my studio to work. When I travel I typically bring my smartphone as well as my laptop with me for research and to collect inspiration but also to communicate and keep in touch with clients and business partners.”


2. Sara – copywriter and Daniel – founder of waitress.com and mockberg.com

Sara: “The clients I work for are mostly based back home in Stockholm, where I’m originally from. Whenever I travel I usually always bring a laptop and a cell phone and designate different times in the day to do work. Typically I will work all morning but then go out and explore the rest of the day. My work is an integral part of my life so naturally it comes along whenever I travel.”

Daniel: “Because we work online we can work from anywhere and we take advantage of that fact by traveling a lot. Our laptops and smartphones are always coming along. Going abroad helps us to get a greater perspective on the way people work elsewhere and ideally improves the way we do our jobs as well.”

streetstyle berlin

3. Luisa – stylist

“Technically I am not working right now but as a creative I always walk through life with open eyes; inspiration and ideas come to me at any given moment. When I travel I always bring a smartphone because as a freelancer you need to constantly be available, exchanging emails and keeping on top of things. When I travel I love to use my phone to document all the trends I see in different cities and countries, it helps me a lot in my line of work.”

streetstyle berlin

4. Marta – shop assistant at Level 8

“I use our computer for everything. The key to a successful store is promotion and there is no better way of doing that online. Naturally social media has a big impact on this – Facebook, Instagram, the range. We are working on our online shop as well, but it’s still a work in progress.”

streetstyle berlin


5. Hong – restaurant owner at Qua Phe

“Computers are vital to me and the work I do. I need them to write menus, do all the paperwork and bookkeeping for the restaurant and then of course there are emails to write, orders to process and social media accounts to fill. My work life would be so different without computers, and not in a good way.”

streetstyle berlin


6. Daria – Store owner of Walking the Cat

“My work is 99% computer-based. Even though I now run this store for children’s clothing, I started my business as an online-shop and to this day that’s the most important part. I’m always processing orders, exchanging emails, gathering inspiration and researching what I want to add to my product range. I work a lot and travel rarely but when I do I like to switch off and leave it behind. No computers, occasional looks on my phone at best.”

streetstyle berlin

7. Kitty – PR manager at Bold PR

“I’d say my job is about 70% digital. Communicating with clients and press, keeping up to date with influencers, finding inspiration on social media and the web. It would be infinitely harder to work productively without the use of computers and the web, to reach people and be reached. When I travel, however, I want to switch off. I want to feel like I am actually on holiday and would never bring a laptop.”

streetstyle berlin

8. Skrollan – shop assistant at mankii Vintage

“We don’t have a computer at the shop but there is still a fair bit of communication happening via mobile phone. Whenever I sell something I go online and mark it as sold. I also regularly communicate with my boss. On a personal level technology matters to me but I am fine only bringing a phone whenever I travel. Only on longer trips I also take a laptop.”

streetstyle berlin

9. Rodney – Salesman at SOTO

“It’s important for my job to know what is on trend in other big cities and web research is the best way of getting a good overview in a short amount of time. Then of course there is our online shop which we work closely with. Computers definitely play a central role in the running of our store. Personally I prefer to travel without a laptop and just relax. I keep on top of emails with my phone but the big stuff remains for when I’m home.”

streetstyle berlin

10. Sonja – Blogger

“I blog for a living so needless to say electronics are a central part of my work life. I love my job for being so flexible and creative. I get to come up with stories I actually want to research and write and I can do so at any time and from anywhere. Some days I work from home, others I pick a nice cafe to work from while sipping lattes. I’m currently working on the new HUAWEI MateBook and it has been a great addition to the way I work. Now I can just detach the screen and have a tablet to do presentations for PRs or clients. It’s light weight and compact size means I can easily bring it with me everywhere. I usually carry it inside my purse but because of the beautiful leather exterior I sometimes just wear it as clutch.

streetstyle berlin

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*This post was created in collaboration with Huawei