Recently I went on a two week vacation to Sri Lanka with my mom. Some people around my age might think that’s a loooong time to spend with someone, especially if that person is your mother. Surprisingly, I survived this trip and loved every minute of it.

Not everyone realizes how cool it can actually be. Of course we have different opinions about many things, and she doesn’t always take the best Instagram pic (the bigger the zoom on your face the better – Mom’s way of thinking), but she is the best companion for long walks on the beach and trying to communicate with the tuk tuk driver. There are many more benefits, but here are my 4 favourites.

The benefits of exploring Sri Lanka with my Mom ... and the advantages of traveling anywhere with your mom!

1) Catching up

For starters you can catch up. Since I live away from home we don’t get a chance to have the usual “I-just-came-back-from-school talk.” I try to drop in for a Sunday dinner; however we both sometimes do not have the time for that.

When we were in Sri Lanka we talked every single day. Starting from breakfast all the way to bedtime. We had conversations about the raccoon we follow on Facebook, and discussed things that really matter like where I see myself in ten years.

It’s nice to focus just on talking and getting to know the person you love even better. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life sometimes there isn’t much time for that.

The benefits of exploring Sri Lanka with my Mom ... and the advantages of traveling anywhere with your mom!

2) The definition of teamwork

Another benefit is quite practical. I’m a totally hot-headed person, and most of the time I have my head in the clouds. My mom is the opposite. She is always organized, and you can definitely rely on her. Going on a trip with her, I knew she was going to have this well-planned (and not get us in trouble.)

My mom is a master in packing suitcases, and not losing tickets. I’m great at gathering information about what to see and what not. Together we were a perfect team!

3) Moms are always moms

Of course who would take better care of you than your mom? You know for sure that with her you will never get a sun burn, because she will run after you like a crazy person with a hat in her hand. Not taking “no” for an answer.

She will also remind you to put sunscreen on your nose and shoulders. And believe me that’s something important when you are tanning on a beautiful beach and forget all about those bits. It saves you from looking like a crab. I’ll admit that one day I didn’t listen to her, and ended up looking like Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

4) Making memories

Something else that is really cool after a vacation together is that you have some super selfies (mainly awkward ones but still great) that will make amazing memories. There is no such thing as too many pictures with mama. It will be nice to look at them in a few years and have a laugh.

Plus you will have a ready gift for her birthday. We all know that every mom loves a cute photo frame with the two of you.

The benefits of exploring Sri Lanka with my Mom ... and the advantages of traveling anywhere with your mom!

Exploring the world with your parent is a valuable experience. My mom and I saw some stunning temples, walked around barefoot, drank plenty of delicious coconut water, sang our favorite songs in the morning, screamed together while driving with nice (but crazy) tuk tuk drivers, watched beautiful sunsets, and had some really amazing adventures.

I can honestly say that my mom is my favorite travel buddy, and I hope that there are many more crazy trips ahead of us.

This is a guest post by Karolina Morawska.

Karolina is a student from GdaÅ„sk, Poland. She loves traveling, she loves fruit, and she fell in love with Brazil last summer. She is addicted to cute socks and her instagram – follow her on @karolinamorawska!