I always dreamed about learning to surf, and found it such an attractive sport, but coming from the cold north, snowboarding (and a short-lived attempt to be a skater girl as a teenager) came first. Now that I call Lisbon my new home town, however, I finally started surfing and it is definitely my new favourite lifestyle.

Just sitting on your board waiting for the next wave and finally catching that first wave (or foam in my case) is such a liberating and satisfying feeling. A great workout, new friends and the handsome surfer boys naturally are important plusses that are not to be sniffed at.


That will be me in 10 light years from now Photo: Gustavo Verissimo , CC

It might be a good idea to take a couple of surf classes or find a surf buddy to explain and show you the basics before you get out there on your own. And for your own motivation, safety and fun it’s always better to go together with someone. Personally, I’m lucky enough to surf with a good friend that teaches me some tricks along the way, and hopefully we’ll be able to catch some good waves the coming month in Portugal!

Below, you will find an online surf course for girls I wanted to share with you. I personally found it very helpful, as girls sometimes face other challenges than boys. The course contains detailed demonstrations on how to overcome some basic challenges like getting up on the board, be a stronger surfer and how to end your ride.

Happy surfing!


Kathrine Opshaug Bakke Kathrine Opshaug Bakke, editor at Travelettes from 2009 to 2013, wrote this post. Originating from Norway, she has been living in Berlin, Lisbon, and Stockholm the past 6 years.

She loves cities with imperfect facades, photography, traveling by bike, vintage hunting, and everything that comes with cheese. Follow her visual diary at anchoredpaperplane.com.

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