Okay, so I’m the first to admit that I’m not the best photographer amongst the Travelettes team (and I’m very proud to work alongside such a talented bunch of ladies) but here I am sharing with you a little guide to photography & equipment you might want to take on your travels.

Having bought my first digital SLR just over 8 months ago, I’m still navigating my way around the sea of buttons on the back, trying to work out what lens and what shutter speed, bla bla bla. BUT my so-called lack of talent does nothing to curb the enthusiasm! I’m embarking on an island hopping adventure round the Mediterranean this summer and as this will be by first real trip since with my camera I’m really excited about trying to capture the beaches, ice creams and our summer frolics in as many pixels as possible. So here is the equipment I’m packing in my bag;

My camera (durr!)

It’s not the most sophisticated on the market but my Canon Eos 450d has been a really great introductory SLR camera. As a complete beginner to photography I found it really simple to use and it’s allowed me to capture some priceless moments with my family and friends, I’d strongly recommend it to anyone starting out. Its follow-up model, the Canon 550d even features a HD video function, which makes for a great package to launch you into the wonderful world of photography.

By the way if you are new to the world of SLR cameras I would also suggest trying out this online SLR simulator – it ‘s a great tool that helps you experiment with lighting, ISO, aperture & shutter speed  so you know how your camera works before embarking on your travels.


I’m flat broke at the moment, but really wanted to get a tripod to take on my trip. After looking on amazon I found this gem for a steal, only £13! It folds down really small (which is useful when you only have a small backpack) and even comes with its own carry case. Its low price means that I can experiment taking landscape and group shots without worrying if I’m ever going to get my money’s worth!

Point and shoot camera

I don’t have the best reputation with keeping things safe as I’m very clumsy so there is no way that I would ever take my SLR on a night out (the clumsiness increases dramatically after a drink or two). So I always take my tiny point and shoot for nights out with the girls. I use a Canon Powershot 1000; it was cheap & takes up no space at all which means that I’m not going to miss all those funny night-time antics we might or might not get up to.

Disposable underwater camera

I used one for the first time last summer having been inspired by some great shots by one of my favourite bloggers Melly (from Green Laundry). You can get them for a few pounds/euros/dollars and for the fun that they provide it’s well worth buying a couple to help capture some once in a lifetime photo memories (check out some of mine here).

photo by

Memory cards

A great piece of advice given to me by my photography teacher is to have a couple of cards to hand and try not to depend on the same card for your entire holiday or trip. By spreading your photos over a couple of memory cards it means that if one gets lost or stolen you still have some memories and you won’t have lost everything!

Cleaning kit

A camera and a beach is hardly a match made in heaven, so be wise and just pack a couple of cloths to keep your camera clean as the more you take care of it now, the longer it is going to last (god that makes me sound like my grandma!).

Just because you don’t have the flashest equipment doesn’t mean you can’t take great photos, capture the best of your travels and have fun doing it. If you want to check out some more inspirational travel photography don’t forget about the Travelettes’ Pinterest boards.