Today a particularly adorable application reached us via email from a girl called Annika. Reading it made me smile more than once so I thought it might be nice to share it with you. What do you think, would she make a good addition to our team?


hi, my name is annika and i like travel and writing. like anaïs nin said “we write to taste life twice”. i’m also a 34 year old german girl. well, technically that would make me a woman, but i just don’t feel it yet. i still wonder how it will all be like once i grow up.

according to family legend i was conceived in venice, which i claim to be the reason why i eat pasta all the time and why i constantly have fernweh. i also love anything coconut, adore giraffes, which are a bit hard to come by back home, and prefer to speak english ever since my parents sent me to malta as a teenager to further my education. it was thought as punishment for my bad english grade. it didn’t quite work out this way as i had too much fun, but i did learn to speak english and haven’t shut up since.

twelve years ago i decided to leave germany for good and move to new york. yes, i actually made it there, went to college and got a career in fashion. it was my job for a long time to travel with as much luggage as possible. trunks to be precise. unfortunately not the louis vuitton streamer trunk variety, but the black plastic kind, which can hold crazy amount of clothes due to its adjustable straps. packing without limits for work has resulted in me needing a suitcase and a separate duffle bag, just for the shoes, on a two week holiday till very recently. i learned it is cheaper to have an added piece of luggage than to pay excess weight, but i also learned that it is still flippin’ expensive. so unless you have someone else’s credit card to pay it with, you should just learn how to pack properly. just saying… i’m still working on that one.

i’m a bit obsessed with getting to the airport early ever since the one time when i got stuck in traffic on the way to jfk. i had to run to the plane wearing a fur coat in 35 degrees with a porter in front of me carrying a garment bag with two more coats. they weren’t mine, but i felt more embarrassed than i probably would have felt if they actually were. it has not happened to me since; these days i arrive too early, without any fur and only once without passport or any other form of identification which would have gotten me on the plane. yes, also still working on that diplomatic status to speed up the check-in process. i’m really not good with queues and waiting in general.

through various jobs i have travelled to and stayed at many fancy places, but when i’m on the road by myself i try to stick to my dad’s rule of ‘it has to be clean, it has to be central’. don’t get me wrong, the memory of the little pink bungalow and hermes products at a resort i stayed at in st. barth’s for work, still gets my heart racing. but given the choice i’d rather see more places and stay at a b&b. i will somewhat shamefully admit that i have never stayed at an actual backpackers and i blame watching the beach too many times for it. secondly i don’t actually own a backpack (are you allowed in without?). however i recently became the proud owner of a pink headlamp. i call it my pink unicorn headlamp, because, let’s be honest, that is the best compliment one can hope for when wearing such a thing. and finally the idea of sharing a room with a bunch of strangers makes me so uncomfortable that it eventually drove me to face my biggest nemesis: camping. i moved to cape town six years ago, so i eventually had to get my own tent. you get shunned here if you don’t own one plus i didn’t have to pay for mine, so there was not really a long con list. we went to a festival in may and when faced with a dorm sharing option or camping, even i opted for the latter. a friendly guy set it up for me, my friend showed me how to take it down the next day and i’m sure with all my knowledge about building ikea furniture i will be able to set it up all by myself next time.

another problem i always had with camping is that i’m obsessed about not being cold as i love the heat. that’s why i do bikram yoga and thus i have to face true campers scorn and take a duvet when sleeping outside. if i can’t, for said luggage restrictions above, i borrow my friend’s

going-to-antarctica sleeping bag and take lots of cashmere. cashmere is not overpriced or overrated; cashmere is your best friend when travelling. just thought you should know. so is a blanket for the plane, extra socks, and a quick stop at mcdonald’s for dinner before take-off if you don’t like airline food or get grumpy when not fed on time like me. lucky for me i generally love airline food. little packages to unwrap get me as excited as does free alcohol before noon. there are no calories in high altitude and refusing free drinks just seems impolite. i wouldn’t want to piss of a purser. ever.
i still want to follow in the footsteps of margaret mead and discover the south pacific. i also want to go back to new orleans to eat more fried oyster po’boys and track down a real vampire. i’m thinking more eric northman than twilight though, in case you were worried. all of this may just have to wait as i just returned from morocco, a country i have madly fallen in love with and cannot wait to go back to. or maybe i will just go a little further east to see egypt and jordan or finally to india which lost in a close race to morocco. then i would add nepal or – well, you get what i’m saying. i feel like i haven’t seen anything yet, still so many places to go. wherever i have been, i usually have a little story to tell when i come back. like the time when i learned that scorpions glow in the dark in Zambia or that knickers always come off in a real hammam. or how i learned that geckos make fancy earrings. or how my dad and i played indiana jones and found a secret waterfall. you know… these kinds of stories. i usually tell them on my blog anysroad, but if you were keen, i would gladly write a story for you too.


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