Do you remember those days back in highschool when you went on a school trip with your friends having a good time, trying to see and do as much as possible within the little time you have, never sleeping enough and certainly not wanting to miss out on a single moment? When then suddenly it was over, you didn’t want to leave and you have trouble sleeping because your brain is full of all these new and unforgettable impressions? Well, all of that happened to me again this past weekend.

Photo by: Kai Müller | | Stylespion

Once upon a time on a Saturday morning… well exactly at 8:30 in the morning last Saturday, a bunch of bloggers got on a train at Berlin Hauptbahnhof for a short field trip to Prague in order to attend the Electronic Beats Festival, see a bit of Prague and have a jolly good time. The line up was promising and so were my companions: Pierre from Mit Vergnügen, Nike, one half of This is Jane Wayne, Marcel from Amy&Pink, Katja from LesMads, Kai aka Stylespion, Frank from iheartberlin and Jessie from Interview Germany. An award-winning constellation that could only mean one thing: F.U.N.

Above two photos by: Kai Müller | | Stylespion

The 5 hour train journey into Prague had us all bubbling over with school trip-like excitement and after the obligatory seat hopping getting to know everyone and a sip of Prosecco we arrived in the “Golden City”. Luckily we had some time for some sightseeing before the beginning of the festival during which we enjoyed a peak at the infamous Charles Bridge, tasted some Langos and sausages on Charles Square and finally zigzag walked back to the hotel laughing giddy with excitement like proper grown ups.

Prague is a very beautiful city with its colourful art deco buildings, neat squares and delicious food, but i did learn one thing: Avoid. Touristy. Areas. At all cost. They are usually packed with people and can get pretty annoying after a while. Especially when you are on a trip with 8 bloggers that stop every few meters to take pictures, find free WiFi or need to pee. I think our dear guide Pierre now knows what it must feel like to a teacher to a class full of fleas. Sorry, Pierre!

After having dinner at the Café Imperial, we headed over to the festival venue just in time for the performance of Woodkid. Commanding drum sounds filled the room at Archa Theatre like a thunderstorm and the Czech crowd went completely wild.

Then Whitest Boy Alive hit the stage with well known songs such as “Keep a Secret” and “1517” putting our best dance skills on public display. After the band left the stage the Czech showed us how to ask for an encore: Screaming, clapping and stomping on the floor caused the second thunderstorm that night, something I wasn’t used to from concerts in Berlin. Those guys certainly knew how to make a band feel wanted.

Photo by: Kai Müller | | Stylespion

I danced and laughed and drank and danced and then danced some more and just when I thought I couldn’t move another leg for the life of me mister Mike Skinner and his phenomenal DJ set lured me back to the dance floor giving it my last best and last, shaking what i had to shake.

Just when I thought that the evening couldn’t get any better Whitest Boy Alive came over to us for a little chat and photo session. Very nice lads indeed and never shy of picking up a girl at random to allow her friends to snap some photos, as happened to Nike (pictured below).

Photo by: Kai Müller | | Stylespion

Sleep wasn’t much of an issue that night but after a hot shower and a quick breakfast at the hotel, we headed out into town to enjoy our last few hours in the city, not without a pivotal pitstop at Topshop, located at the Premium shopping center, as well as a refreshing cranberry lemonade at  Le Court Galerie Cafe, which we found on a whim inside a neat hidden yard.

Before I could blink our time was up and we were seated in the train back home to Berlin. Less drinking this time and more sleeping but with big smiles on our faces and a happy heart.

Farewell, class of Prague Bloggers 2012, it was a good ol’ time…..

This post was written by Nina Hüpen-Bestendonk, who not only even for Germans has a funny name; she is a wicked go-getter and creative freelance designer, photographer and blogger.

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