Dear Travelettes,

before going to Miami I was obsessed with the idea of spending as much time as possible on the beach and obviously, buying cute beach outfits was imperative. On the lookout for a light beach dress I went to H&M and found IT. A bright neon orange wide dress, knee-length with 2 large pockets. With my pale skin in mind I stepped to the cashier desk thinking – oh boy, I couldn’t, could I? Still entranced in the mental challenge of whether or not I could picture myself actually wearing such a bold bright seeking dress I noticed the girl in line before me buying the same thing! She hadn’t even tried hers on so she asked me what it looked like worn. we spent 2 minutes talking each other into purchasing same dress and I can happily report that I did in fact wear it when I finally made it to Miami Beach. Reactions were positive throughout but this dress is certainly not for anyone who likes to go unnoticed. On a more practical note: you’re never likely to lose your friends wearing this. Anyone in 1 kilometer’s distance can spot you at once.


Another great neon look for the beach – neon bikinis. Whether your entire bikini is neon …


or just the bottom…..


This look is right on trend and super fun for summer. Both Urban Outfitters and American Apparel hold a big range of neon colored bikinis.