Finally I found summer! I was beginning to think it was going to pass Europe by but no it’s alive and kicking here. Admittedly, here is down in the south of France where a wash out summer season is as unusual as a Frenchman missing out on his after work aperitif, but I have to say that it feels good to be somewhere warm and not too far from a beach.

One of the reasons I was so excited to see the sea again was that I recently discovered the work of Gray Malin and I’d like to serve up a little sunshine in your day today by introducing him and his work to you too.

Gray Malin is a photographer and native of Dallas, Texas who has photographed many famous people, luxury brands and world famous sights. It was his collection of photographs called “À la Plage, À la Piscine” which caught my eye as uniquely striking in the way it captures summer, light, sun and fun. Taken from a doorless helicopter hovering over beaches in France, America, the Caribbean and Australia Malin’s photos are almost playful in their depiction of us humans’ love affair with beaches. It’s also unusual for us beach lovers to see our playground from this angle so sit back, think of pina coladas and enjoy…

Sydney, Australia

Lisbon, Portugal

St. Tropez, France

Mexico and the Caribbean

Beaches of Los Angeles, The Hamptons and Miami in USA

Now where’s my most colourful beach towel?

All beautiful photographs by Gray Malin from


This post was written by Frankie Thompson who was a Travelette from 2012 – 2015. Originally from London, UK, Frankie was nomadic for several years before settling in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, where she lives with her Australian partner and baby boy. She spends her time buying vintage dresses, riding a rusty old bike around the canals and writing books inspired by her travels. Frankie blogs about travel, writing and motherhood at As the Bird flies blog.