Among travelers, Barcelona is one of Europe’s hot spots. As I spent 6 months living there, I can tell you the following: you will definetely have some nights you will never forget. To start off one of these infamous nights, put on your heels and take the Metro to the heart of Barcelonas beautiful district “Gracia”. After having had some delicious Tapas at Placa del Sol move up Torrent de l’Olla to discover what is going on behind the doors of the small cuban “Elsa Bar”. Off the beaten path you’ll find the best Mojitos in town done with passion and about 2 different types of rum and fresh mint for around 6€.


Let’s describe them to the bone:

* White rum Ypióca
* Dark rum Porthos
* Lemon Syrup
* White sugar
* Fresh mint
* No lime
* Small ice cubes
* Angostura

While having your first glass you’ll find out that it’s not only the good drinks and the kitschy atmosphere that makes this place crowded. Elsa herself usually sits at the end of the bar, sipping her own Mojito, shutting down the cuban music once in a while to sing out loud “Guantanamera” with her guests (preferably young Spaniards, who are scantily dressed and just a little bit sweaty since they manage to dance in this tiny bar). Damn sure you will thank Travelettes for this.


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