When visiting certain Asian countries, travel guides often warn about the potential dangers of eating off the street. While I can very much confirm this to be true in India, in Thailand I’ve never heard of any problems. Luckily, because eating off the street belongs to the highlight of any day spent in this gorgeous country.

With Bangkok as the culinary centre of street stall diversity, I’ve snapped away, to show you just a few examples of what can be had at every corner, usually within a price range of 5 to 40 baht (0,10 – 0,80 Euros). Anything from banana pancakes to grilled insects in honey dip are available for you to enjoy.


I love starting my mornings with fresh fruit for a cheapie 10 baht. Available anywhere around Khao San Road.

If you don’t feel like chewing your fruit ask for a delicious fruit shake…



I have only seen these come out at night and haven’t tried. but they look amazing, don’t they?


Soup comes in many variations but mostly all of them are really good. The soups i’ve had on the street, were always better than the 3 times more expensive ones to be had in restaurants. You choose your ingredients and 3 minutes later you’re in for a great, quick meal.




Meat on a stick comes in endless variations and usually costs only 10 Baht (0,20Euros) per stick. Whenever you spot one of those guys, ask them for khao niow (sticky rice), which is quite possibly my favorite food in the world. It’ll set you back only 5 baht and is a lovely snack in between meals.


Street dessert of choice are the banana pancakes. The vendors pour sweet condensed milk over them which gives them an irresistible touch of vanilla. So so good.



I’m not a huge fan of pad thai but many people have told me that the stuff you get on the street is 10 times better than anything sold in the surrounding restaurants. Must try.

Is you mouth watery just yet?

Happy travels,